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the branch of biology concerned with the development of malformations or serious deviations from the normal type of organism

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They compared pregnant women who were taking ginger during the first trimester of pregnancy with a group of women who were exposed to nonteratogenic drugs that were not antiemetic medications.
DATA WATCH Pediatric Malpractice Claims Allegation % Paid Delay in referral/consultation 47% Intervention not performed 46% Failure to supervise/monitor 41% Failure to recognize complication 37% Error in diagnosis (*) 36% Delay in performance 36% Medication errors 32% Improper performance 30% Performed procedure when 22% not indicated No medical misadventure 6% (*)The most common errors in diagnosis were for meningitis, neurologically impaired new-born, congenital anomaly of genital organs, and nonteratogenic anomalies--especially developmental dislocation of the hip.
Among those studies was a prospective, controlled multicenter trial that compared pregnancy outcomes of 189 women in Europe, Asia, and North America (including patients from Motherisk) who took azathioprine during pregnancy with a group of 230 women who took nonteratogenic drugs during pregnancy.
We received many calls from pregnant women who had been exposed to nonteratogenic drugs in early pregnancy and who were concerned nevertheless that there was a risk of having a baby with a malformation.
Effect of valproic acid and nonteratogenic metabolite.
The antibiotic had a safety profile comparable to profiles of other nonteratogenic agents.
Plan B is safe, effective, nonteratogenic, and could reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and subsequent abortions by 50%.
We received many calls from pregnant women who had been exposed to nonteratogenic drugs in early pregnancy who were concerned that the risk of having a baby with a malformation was huge.
For example, if the woman is continuing her preconception regimen, and the regimen includes only nonteratogenic medications that are well tolerated, it need not be discontinued.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors should be the first-line treatment, because they are effective and nonteratogenic and have a lower risk of toxic effects, compared with other antidepressants, according to Dr.
The studies use matched controls--women who have called the TIS for information on exposures known to be nonteratogenic.