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Mutations in the TMPRSS3 gene are a rare cause of childhood nonsyndromic deafness in Caucasian patients.
In the East Asian region, the 235delC of GJB2 is the most frequent cause of inherited nonsyndromic deafness ranging from 5.
In search of genetic markers for nonsyndromic deafness in Africa: A study in Cameroonians and black South Africans with the GJB6 and GJA1 candidate genes.
Certain pedigrees in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have a mitochondrial DNA mutation that predisposes them to profound nonsyndromic deafness after a short course of a systemic aminoglycoside, particularly kanamycin.
Pendred syndrome (goitre and sensorineural hearing loss) maps to chromosome 7 in the region containing the nonsyndromic deafness gene DFNB4.
COCH gene (DFNA9) is a form of AD nonsyndromic deafness.
In contrast, investigators have struggled to find genes behind nonsyndromic deafness, which is the far more common type, accounting for the majority of congenital hearing loss.