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an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities

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Not surprisingly, Bridgestar found that many finance chiefs, especially those in mid-sized to larger nonprofits, have worked in the for-profit sector and "bridged" into the nonprofit sector within the last 10 years.
The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) announced that it has succeeded in spearheading a consortium of lenders that raised over half of the $2.
In the more than three years since September 11, many nonprofit organizations are still dealing with decreases in charitable giving and conference registrations.
Nonprofits will be forced to find alternative revenue streams, continuing to blur the lines among the nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental sectors.
If nonprofits are to remain effective in this role, they must increase their operating efficiency; improve their accountability to donors and other constituents; successfully run the gauntlet of legal, ethical and regulatory processes; and seek proactive board members who recognize the critical role they play in the governance process.
In 1982 Kaiser was elected to his first nonprofit board at Corning Hospital while working as a business manager for Corning Inc.
Nonprofits can access the site to get current information on resources available at the center, updates on training and seminars, tips and trends from the nonprofit world and information on local collaborations.
But more than anything else, nonprofits must he relevant.
Because neither the government nor the media displays much of an interest in the nuts and bolts of nonprofits, the entire nonprofit sector, which controls hundreds of billions of dollars, is left in the hands of a few administrators charged both with spearheading their organization and auditing their own actions.
The Nonprofit Center at Philadelphia's La Salle University School of Business, presents nonprofit expert Peter Brinckerhoff and his concept of nonprofit organizations as mission-based businesses, to keynote its 2008 Nonprofit Strategies Forum on June 3 at the Hub Cira Center in Philadelphia.
CBRE has extensive experience assisting nonprofits such as the Foundation Center, Better Business Bureau, Archdiocese of New York, Housing Works and American Ballet Theater.
This has become a real world scenario for some nonprofits.
The county's sharpest contrast between for-profits and nonprofits may be between two desert hospitals named for U.
I think nonprofits often function as the conscience of our society," says Jack Chin, a Fellow in the environmental program of the San Francisco Foundation.
That America's 500,000 nonprofits are exempt from income tax (and in some states, sales tax) while they gross more than $700 billion a year is not inherently a bad thing.
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