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a system whose performance cannot be described by equations of the first degree

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A new approach for diagnosis in linear and nonlinear systems based on Kronecker canonical form for linear systems with some restrictions has been presented.
The control problem of nonstrict feedback nonlinear systems arises and attracts some researchers' attention.
Modelling of many nonlinear systems is based on Hammerstein and Wiener models, as can be also proven by many publications during last years.
Assumption 11 is a common assumption to design observer in nonlinear systems, and g(x) in (12) also satisfies this condition.
Thus, unlike the linear time-invariant case, a class of nonlinear systems for which the solution in terms of a feedforward compensator exists is, due to the integrability condition, quite restricted.
But in nonlinear systems obtaining optimal control rule is not possible by solving their Riccati equation.
In general, the processes going on in linear and nonlinear systems can be expressed by a mathematical model, which actually is a system of differential equations.
Implementing nonlinear systems theory allows measurement of the extent of their simplification, which is often associated with pathological states.
In [4], using centre manifold theory, Sundarapandian obtained a characterization of local exponential observers for a class of nonlinear systems with inputs.
Section 6 applies the comparison method to a class of nonlinear systems.
MRHBT technology is reported to significantly increase speed and to reduce computer memory needed to perform steady-state analysis of complex nonlinear systems with multiple signal sources.
Only a modest collection of results is available which may be directly applied to nonlinear systems.
In fact, many real nonlinear systems do not need its equilibrium acting as an attracting actor attracting any points of its neighborhood, and it only needs attract "enough many" points in this neighborhood.
In papers [4-6], using the above polynomial approach, the transfer function has been defined for continuous-time nonlinear systems and its properties have been studied.
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