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a system whose performance cannot be described by equations of the first degree

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Thus, unlike the linear time-invariant case, a class of nonlinear systems for which the solution in terms of a feedforward compensator exists is, due to the integrability condition, quite restricted.
Our focus has always been on developing state-of-the-art, application-specific systems that incorporate SLM technology," states Steve Serati, President of Boulder Nonlinear Systems.
For some complex nonlinear system, the model even cannot be obtained.
This chapter will deal with the investigation of nonlinear systems stability described by a vector differential equation, a characteristic exponent and an asymptotic stability.
Key words: Hammerstein and Wiener models, static nonlinearity, nonlinear system, servo-speed mechanism AMIRA DR300
The traditional and easiest approach to the controller design problem for nonlinear systems involves linearizing the modeling equation around a steady state and applying linear control theory results.
In fact, many real nonlinear systems do not need its equilibrium acting as an attracting actor attracting any points of its neighborhood, and it only needs attract "enough many" points in this neighborhood.
In [13], an interesting nonlinear elimination algorithm (NE) was introduced for solving large sparse nonlinear systems of equations whose solution is badly scaled in part of the computational domain.
Usage of the proposed approach can be considered in industrial control of nonlinear systems where the performance of classical approaches is not satisfactory.
This is because nonlinear systems, as they become more complex, are very susceptible to differences in initial and environmental conditions.
He bases this idea on the counterintuitive but well-established phenomenon of stochastic resonance, in which the addition of noise sometimes improves the ability of nonlinear systems to respond to previously undetectable signals.
They present a unified analysis of the general linear and nonlinear systems of algebraic equations that depend on a small perturbation parameter.
Contract notice: "supply, installation and commissioning of 4 pieces eksplotsiya nonlinear systems for new and programs for regional tv centers based on the number 5 assembly plants.
However there are a lot of high nonlinear systems, which are frequently occurring in practice.
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