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a small movable scale that slides along a main scale


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50) He also includes a variety of classical excerpts by Plautus, Aulus Gellius, Livy, Pliny, Quintilian, Ovid, Caesar, Catullus, and Valerius Maximus and borrows examples from the handbooks of Servius, Varro, Festus, and Nonius Marcellus, even though they did not form part of the elementary curriculum and were likely to be read by students only at a later stage of their schooling.
This is the homeland of the superb Nonius breed, renowned for their stamina and temperament.
For measuring fixation disparity we determined the physical horizontal offset of dichoptic nonius lines when the participant perceived them as collinear (see Figure 2).
22, or from Nonius Marcellus, 231 (quoting Lucilius, fragment 1044, ed.
Bruker's commitment to the market was evident earlier this year with its purchase of Nonius B.
8) The fourth-century grammarian, Nonius Marcellus, preserved the fragments and rifles in his De compediosa doctrina.
Conway and Walters' restoration is achieved by the insertion of two fragments of Livy: (1) `auratae vaginae, aurata baltea illis erant', quoted explicitly from Livy Book 9 by Nonius (286.
Add to this that we owe most of the surviving fragments to the fourth-century grammarian Nonius Marcellus, who in his search for rare and unusual vocabulary for his De Compendiosa Doctrina is probably not giving us a representative sampling of Lucilian poetry.
This verse is not in the MSS, but is supplied by Nonius as a citation from Book II.
A rotor consisting of a large gear wheel is actuated by the steering column and drives two smaller gear wheels with different numbers of teeth (on the Nonius principle).
Ucuncu gruptaki hastalara uc hafta sureyle, haftada bes gun olacak sekilde el bileginin volar yuzunde karpal tunel bolgesi uzerine bes ayri noktaya Galyum- Aluminyum-Arsenid (Ga-AI-As) cihazi (Endolaser 476, Enraf Nonius, Hollanda) kullanilarak 830 dalga boyunda ve 30 mW gucunde, her bir noktaya 1,5 J/cm, surekli, %100 cikti parametrelerinde yaklasik bes dakika sureyle dusuk enerjili lazer tedavisi uygulandi.
As described in the second article of this series (see OT, April 19, 2013), the most appropriate method is perhaps the Mallett unit, whereby the minimum amount of prism required to neutralise any misalignment of the nonius markers (fixation disparity) and/ or reduce binocular instability is prescribed.
A Nonius Kappa-CCD diffractometer equipped with a Mo-target rotating-anode X-ray source and a graphite monochromator (Mo-K[alpha], [lambda] = 0.
Their topics include antiquity and authority in Nonius Marcellus, some gospel episodes in Juvencus and Sedulius, Plotinus and the myth of love, and Proclus on Plato's Cratylus.