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flightless birds having flat breastbones lacking a keel for attachment of flight muscles: ostriches

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Seasonal change of species diversity patterns of non-volant small mammals along three subtropical elevational gradients.
What drives the species richness patterns of non-volant small mammals along a subtropical elevational gradient?
Table 1 Non-volant small mammals along elevational sampling sites at El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve.
The information on the diversity and distribution of small non-volant mammals in the Philippines has been growing for the past decades; however, the work is still far from completion and there is still need to conduct more surveys in many areas in the country [13].
This study on the non-volant mammals of Bega Watershed in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur would provide data on non-volant mammalian composition since no mammalian assessment has been conducted in the area.
Sampling, Processing, and Identification of Non-Volant Mammals:
Our results showed that the relative abundance of non-volant small mammal communities in landslides were significantly lower than these in control sites.
Key words: Non-volant small mammal, landslide, disturbance, vegetation recovery, Wenchuan earthquake.
Non-volant small mammals, an integral part of the forest ecosystem, are critical to the species diversity and functional diversity of the ecosystem (Carey and Johnson, 1995; Zhang et al.
Non-volant mammals in fragmented landscapes are a useful category for our study.
Therefore, we test if the nestedness of non-volant forest mammals is affected by the variables analysed, and compare the results with previous multi-taxa reviews (Watling and Donnelly, 2006; Wright et al.
Number of individuals peaked in July 2004 and June 2005, when non-volant bats were included in counts.
In the present study, most bats used bridges in warmer months (April-October; Table 3), and total numbers peaked in June and July when non-volant young were included in counts.
There are natural freshwater sources and the occurrence of one other non-volant terrestrial mammal, the wild rice mouse Oligoryzomys sp.
1996) and the common opossum and Neotropical otter (Lontra longicaudis) are the only non-volant terrestrial mammal species on this island (Graipel et al.