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a foreign policy of staying out of other countries' disputes

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Pointing out that the principle of non-interference is laid down in the UN Charter, the ministry reaffirmed "Egypt's refusal of intervention in the affairs of Arab sister countries".
Our policy of non-interference hopefully can be followed by other regional countries, so there are no more proxy wars in Afghanistan,"
A senior State Department official said Kerry and Sharif emphasised their support for a policy of non-interference in Afghanistan by all countries in the region.
JEAN McGravey is right to highlight the diversity of approaches of our local MPs to the troubles at Cleveland Constabulary whilst totally ignoring our mounted section fight, or quoting a non-interference mantra.
He expressed Syria's appreciation for the stances of the Palestinian leadership in support of Syria's unity and stability and non-interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
Principles of our links with all organizations where we have not membership are open, clear and do not go beyond international principles - the principles of mutual respect, non-interference in each other s affairs, mutual support, mutual understanding and full cooperation.
11 communique welcomed "the new direction of the Iranian leadership towards GCC states" and expressed the hope that "it will result in tangible steps which will positively impact regional peace and stability" and "bolster GCC co-operation with Iran on good neighbourly relations, non-interference in internal affairs and avoid threats of using force".
ISLAMABAD -- Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz on Saturday called on countries like India and Iran to emulate Pakistan's stated policy of non-interference in Afghanistan and not to fight proxy wars.
Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Abdullah Abdul Lateef told Ebrahim Assaf that Bahrain was keen on the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported on Tuesday.
The Malaysian foreign minister said his country's foreign policy is based on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, adding ''We, in Malaysia, empathize with the suffering of the Syrian people, and believe that violence has to stop and not drag on any longer.
Published on Wednesday, 03 July 2013 12:33 PNN President Mahmoud Abbas stressed Wednesday the firm Palestinian position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.
At the meeting, al-Qirbi confirmed the keenness of Yemen on its relations with Iran within the framework of the common interests and respect for the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States and to maintain the security and stability of the countries in the region.
M the Sultan stressed that " the foreign policy, its essence is the call for peace, harmony and close co-operation with all nations, as well as commitment to the principles of righteousness, justice, fairness and non-interference in the internal affairs of others and the settlement of dispute through peaceful means to help safeguard for all mankind its security, stability, prosperity and progress.
Gemayel also questioned Army intelligence non-interference and exclaimed as to whether who might be responsible for the reported fatality; the state or the party of God?
Shaikh Khalid said Bahrain is closely watching the visit and is keen to maintain regional security, good neighbourly relations and mutual respect to resolve differences through peaceful solutions and non-interference in any country's affairs.
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