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a town in western Alaska on the southern coast of the Seward Peninsula

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TM)] solution, visit NOMi in Booth #4227 and March Networks in Booth #1331 at NRF's Big Show Convention and Expo, January 11-13 in New York City.
Water and sediment samples were collected from nineteen different locations of Nomi River of Tokyo as described in Fig 1.
In reading Nomi Eve's The Family Orchard and Steve Stern's Mickey and the Golem, she examines how texts and memories create the writer as much as the writer creates the text.
But Sarah Holt, aged 24, who owns Nomi Art Gallery in Regent Street, has decided to take up the challenge of staging an exhibition of Mr Moore's work.
The pathophysiology of NOMI involves low blood flow states such as shock, heart failure, hemodialysis and direct splanchnic arteriolar vasoconstriction by drugs, eg, digoxin.
Driving aimlessly around the countryside with her pot-smoking boyfriend, sixteen-year-old Nomi Nickel rages against her runaway mother deserting her, the imposition of English assignments by her teacher, and fate in general.
The teenage narrator of this novel, Nomi Nickel, is stuck in a small, conservative Mennonite town in Manitoba as her family slowly disintegrates.
It names the 1995 title Showgirls, featuring a swimming pool sex scene between Elizabeth Berkley as dancer Nomi Malone and Kyle MacLachlan as showbiz impresario Zack Carey, the worst-of-the-worst.
In a Mennonite village in central Canada, the ideal and the real have a head-on collision, leaving Nomi Nickel's family scattered and destroyed.
STARLIMS Marketing Contact Nomi Schwartz marcom@starlims.
Its heroine, Nomi Nickel, longs to escape her rigid Mennonite community on the prairies and run away to New York City.
Drawn from Miriam Toews' own upbringing in the Mennonite town of Steinbach, Manitoba, this "other" East Village is subjected to relentless irreverence by her rebellious teenage narrator Nomi Nickel.
He has been dead for over 20 years, but Klaus Nomi may turn out to be the hottest gay recording artist of 2005, thanks to a new documentary about his brief but glorious performance career.
Il testo ci mostra un dibattito anglosassone collocabile tra gli estremi di un Charles Darwin (Viaggio di un naturalista intorno al mondo), che si lamentava della pochezza di termini atti a descrivere i fenomeni vegetali, e di uno William Stearn (Botanical Latin), convinto invece che esistano troppi nomi per un numero ristretto di specie.