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a member of a people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons

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The military training sees some mortars, projectiles, grenades and legacy munitions that have failed to detonate left behind posing a risk to nomadic tribes.
Topics include the construction of Indian nomadic tribes as criminal, sexual behavior and the construction of women's criminality, Dalit and Adivasi vulnerability to structural crime and the failure of the state to offer remedy, legislative and judicial responses to Adivasi land-use protests, the status of children under Indian criminal law, the ways in which the penal system constructs justifications for suspending ordinary laws and procedures for entire groups, the social bases of legal impunity as seen in the case of the Bhopal gas leak disaster, and the intersections between the formal criminal justice system and community-based systems in rural Haryana.
Loggers in the jungles of Peru often find much more than forests to destroy: Nomadic tribes frequently fall to the loggers' invasion.
The study on the immigrant tribes has been launched with the aim of finding solutions to their problems," he said, referring to the nomadic tribes who settled in Saudi Arabia.
Not for over a hundred years have humans and animals been forced for reasons of economy to shelter beneath the same roof, though there remain many nomadic tribes who live with their livestock in very close proximity.
Mongol may not sound like the most appealing prospect - a two-hour, subtitled history lesson filmed on location in China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, which would have been home to nomadic tribes in the 12th Century - but Russian filmmaker Sergei Bodrov knows how to engage his audience.
In the course of his travels with nomadic tribes, Bob Shapiro rode an elephant across Thailand, a camel over the Sahara desert and a donkey through Afghanistan, all the while living and eating with the itinerant cultures.
I have stated it before and I will state it again that the talk of the letter of the chief minister to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a total farce as it does not refer to the issue of ST status but reportedly mentions something about nomadic tribes," Bainsla told reporters.
Made from patches of vintage Turkish kilims--flat-woven wool textiles from the nomadic tribes of Anatolia.
Apparently, the nomadic tribes who travelled the legendary route often dressed in strong clashing colours that evoked life and passion amid the endless desert plains, grasslands and grey seas.
The Middle East probably has always been a complicated place; and Whelan sets this novel in 1907, a time filled with colonial powers plotting, sectarian violence, spies, nomadic tribes, and unusually strong personalities.
A business high-flier who helps Egyptian nomadic tribes in her spare time has been nominated for a prestigious accolade to honour women who have a huge influence on the European stage.
After all, the Borders town's name - derived from the Celtic word 'pebyill' - means 'tent', and refers to where Nomadic tribes used to camp out.
This was a time when men wore rifles around their necks not for decorative purposes, but to chase away nomadic tribes trying to steal their cattle.
Genghis Khan rose to power to unify the various nomadic tribes of Mongolia in the late 1100s, and later set out to conquer other lands and peoples across Asia.