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Synonyms for noise

Synonyms for noise

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

the sensation caused by vibrating wave motion that is perceived by the organs of hearing


to engage in or spread gossip

Synonyms for noise

the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality

a loud outcry of protest or complaint

incomprehensibility resulting from irrelevant information or meaningless facts or remarks

Related Words

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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OriginGPS introduces unparalleled sensitivity and noise immunity by incorporating its proprietary Noise Free Zone technology for faster position fix and navigation stability even under challenging satellite signal conditions.
In addition, TrueTouch devices offer Cypress's legendary noise immunity with patented capacitive sensing technology that enables flawless operation in noisy RF and LCD environments.
Reducing this value, an increase of system's capacity, data rates or noise immunity can be reached.
These touch interfaces require even higher sensitivity and noise immunity to ensure sensing accuracy under multiple conditions," said Semir Haddad, director product marketing, Renesas Electronics America.
Improvements to the family's analog front-end minimized size and enabled twice the charger noise immunity of previous Gen4 offerings, which have gained popularity with industry leaders around the world due to outstanding performance in noisy environments.
Gen5 also enables leading water tolerance, which combines with its robust noise immunity to deliver accurate touch input and finger tracking in environments where competing solutions experience false and missed touches.
The technology enables the PwrSoC (power supply on a chip) to attain noise immunity with a small footprint.
The new CRD8204 switch platform features Cicada's quad port SimpliPHY Series transceivers, and further strengthens our leading position of offering the highest performing Gigabit copper PHYs in volume production, in terms of noise immunity, interoperability and tolerance to cable plant variations.
Best-in-Class Noise Immunity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Enable Very Thin Devices With Reduced Material Costs and Fewer Fabrication Steps
Looking ahead, touch-sensing technologies with even higher sensitivity and noise immunity will become highly desirable for a wider range of applications.
The series is suitable for a variety of applications specifically under small-sized, high-temperatured and high noise immunity environments such as telecommunication terminals, electric power automation control equipment, industry control, and embedded systems.
These differential standards allow data to be transmitted using fewer pins at higher speeds thus providing higher performance, lower power consumption, increased noise immunity, and lower board space requirements.