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a movie that is marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, menace, and cynical characters

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I'm not certain I would say Sin City is parodying noir conventions because it doesn't seek to diminish or make light of noir films.
23) Genetically speaking, The Black Dahlia sits between the retro noir film and what Robert Burgoyne terms 'the topical film', a subgenre of the historical film that consists of texts which 'center on a particular incident or focus on a specific period rather than on grand narratives of war, the fulfilment of a heroic destiny, or the emergence of a people or a nation'.
As Ginette Vincendeau argues, "French neo-noir could thus simply designate any noir film made after Serie Noire, [yet] the term refers also to a set of reconfigurations".
And a Club Noir film club starts at Glasgow's GFT on September 5, giving movie fans a chance to see iconic films like Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the big screen.
thinking of the late Lee Marvin who famously played the hero, Parker, in the classic noir film Point Blank
But make no mistake--Sande Zeig's noir-tinged feature debut, The Girl, doesn't resemble an HBO series any more than it does a plot-twisted, traditional noir film like The Maltese Falcon.
Upcoming titles through May 27 include ``Decoy'' (repeating from last year's slate by popular demand), James Cagney's ``White Heat,'' the Technicolor noir film ``Leave Her to Heaven,'' and Burt Lancaster and Jeff Corey in ``The Killers,'' sometimes billed as the ``Citizen Kane'' of film noir.
For instance, in discussing Chinatown, Andersen doesn't address either that it is a noir film or the historical context in which the film was made, the time of Vietnam, Nixon and the increasing concerns about the government's credibility.
The American noir film tradition, spun off from the hard-boiled crime novel--itself born out of pulp fiction--now provides horror with a new and energizing frame, one as amenable to it as formerly the antiquated estates of a decadent aristocracy were.
For this fourth edition, new terms such as "digital cinema/projection," "direct-to-DVD," "multi-tasking narrative," "neo- noir film," "polyphonic film," "synthespian," and "Viet-kieu film" have been added and earlier entries have been expanded to incorporate commentary on the use of aesthetic components by contemporary filmmakers, with references to 150 films not cited in previous editions being included.
The company is expecting big prices for some of the more notable pieces, with the Maltese Falcon from Humphrey Bogart's classic noir film fetching an expected $100,000 to $150,000, the Monroe dress between $80,000 and $120,000, and the Jeannie outfit $40,000 to $60,000.
Yet Jules Dassin made Night and the City (1950) in London and Rififi (1955) in Paris, and both noir films earned excellent reviews and played in the United States with Dassin's name in the credits.
It's evocative of such classic noir films as "The Big Sleep'' and "Double Indemnity,'' and so is the Paris-born Davolos' performance, which recalls sultry, tough-dame turns by Lauren Bacall and Barbara Stanwyck.
The Worldwide Film Noir Tradition" by Spencer Selby is a 320 page compendium providing the first comprehensive coverage of classic noir films from studios around the world.
While Poe's tale further deals with the story of the painter and his wife, several noir films rather focus on the burning and impossible desire of the viewers to meet the portrayed woman in the flesh.