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a movie that is marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, menace, and cynical characters

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I'm not certain I would say Sin City is parodying noir conventions because it doesn't seek to diminish or make light of noir films.
This is followed by an in-depth political and textual analysis of over a dozen noir films.
There's some dispute about what the first noir film was, but in my opinion the first truly great one was 1944's Double Indemnity, which displayed most of the genres stylistic tics and narrative tricks.
When his ex-girlfriend is murdered, a High School student must discover whodunit in this very watchable noir film.
Finally, five essays covering a wide range of philosophical issues are joined by their focus on one (or two in the case of "Knowledge, Morality, and Tragedy in The Killers and Out of the Past") classic noir film.
Liu, who took a break from filming gangster noir film Lucky Number Slevin to launch the event, wore a strapless silk Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress.
When you got the script, could you tell it was as good as it was, or did yon feel at that point that it was just a noir film with some lesbian stuff going Oil?
The noir film, which had a gripping plot and was a complete thriller in the whodunit genre, bought accolades for Abhay and the film's director Navdeep Singh.
As Ginette Vincendeau argues, "French neo-noir could thus simply designate any noir film made after Serie Noire, [yet] the term refers also to a set of reconfigurations".
And a Club Noir film club starts at Glasgow's GFT on September 5, giving movie fans a chance to see iconic films like Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the big screen.
thinking of the late Lee Marvin who famously played the hero, Parker, in the classic noir film Point Blank
But make no mistake--Sande Zeig's noir-tinged feature debut, The Girl, doesn't resemble an HBO series any more than it does a plot-twisted, traditional noir film like The Maltese Falcon.
Upcoming titles through May 27 include ``Decoy'' (repeating from last year's slate by popular demand), James Cagney's ``White Heat,'' the Technicolor noir film ``Leave Her to Heaven,'' and Burt Lancaster and Jeff Corey in ``The Killers,'' sometimes billed as the ``Citizen Kane'' of film noir.
Finally, Caddy's movements as femme fatale from Hollywood to Mexico, then on to occupied France with a German companion, illustrate the transnational migrations and exchanges between the United States and Europe that would stimulate both the genesis of noir film production in the early 1940s and its critical reception as a cultural movement in the postwar years.
Whether through direct references to or fictionalised versions of the case, or more oblique gestures toward her appearance, life story, and murder, the Black Dahlia's presence reverberates throughout the contemporary retro noir film.