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a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries

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Conclusion: EBV is a major risk factor for Mixed Cellularity and Nodular Sclerosis subtypes of Hodgkin Lymphoma in KPK Province of Pakistan.
Based on our histological findings, we concluded that it was a rare form of CD4 positive Hodgkin lymphoma of the nodular sclerosis variant, with fast progression and resistance to conventional chemotherapy.
Age, MM Histology Lymphoma Classification y/Sex 13 45/F Epithelial Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 23 68/M Sarcomatoid Follicular lymphoma, stage IV 26 64/F Epithelial Lymphosarcoma 29 54/M Epithelial HL 31 31/F Epithelial HL, nodular sclerosis type 32 44/F Epithelial HL, nodular sclerosis type; papillary thyroid carcinoma 33 35/M Epithelial HL 34 40/F Biphasic HL, nodular sclerosis type 35 42/M Epithelial HL 36 56/M Epithelial HL 37 69/M Epithelial HL 38 49/M Epithelial HL 39 58/M Epithelial HL 40 85/F Epithelial HL; breast cancer 41 54/F Epithelial HL 42 70/M Biphasic HL, nodular lymphocytic predominant type 43 50/M Biphasic HL 44 53/M Epithelial HL 45 64/M Epithelial HL Case No.
The incidence of bone marrow involvement in Hodgkin's lymphoma varies with the histologic subtype: 10% in classical Hodgkin's mixed cellularity, approximately 1% in lymphocyte predominant and lymphocyte rich CHL, and 3% in nodular sclerosis subtype (9).
CHL consisted of 8 (19%) cases with nodular sclerosis (NS), 10 (23%) cases with mixed cellularity (MC), one (2%) case with lymphocyte depletion (LD) and 24 (56%) of cases cHL sub-types of the which were not determined to.
Female sex, bulky disease and nodular sclerosis histological subtype were adverse prognostic factors for disease free survival.
7%, and only 22 cases of nodular sclerosis (23%) were identified.
HL is classified according to the WHO Classifi- cation, which is the reviewed REAL classification in- to a) Classical Hodgkin's lymphoma, which includes Nodular Sclerosis, Lymphocyte Depletion, Lympho- cyte Rich and Mixed Cellualrity HL and b) Lympho- cyte Predominance as a separate entity.
The commonest histological subtypes encountered were the nodular sclerosis (40%), followed by the mixed cellularity (21.
Nodular sclerosis and mixed cellularity are the common histological findings.
This finding effectively excludes nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma.
Subsequent to the quarter in early April, presentation of positive data from phase II study of darinaparsin in advanced hematological malignancies at AACR 2008 Annual Meeting; where therapy with darinaparsin was well tolerated and, among 7 lymphoma patients evaluable for efficacy, 1 patient with peripheral T-cell lymphoma achieved a complete response, one patient with nodular sclerosis achieved an interval response, and one patient with B-cell lymphoma achieved stable disease and, among 14 leukemia patients evaluable for efficacy, 6 patients achieved stable disease.
2] With advances in understanding of the spectrum and biology of HL, recent evidence suggests Nodular Sclerosis (NS)--cHL may be related to primary mediastinal B-cell Lymphoma and mediastinal grey zone lymphoma and needs to be classified as a distinct entity.
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