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Synonyms for node

Synonyms for node

a connecting point at which several lines come together

any thickened enlargement

(botany) the small swelling that is the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge

(physics) the point of minimum displacement in a periodic system

(astronomy) a point where an orbit crosses a plane

any bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part

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Lymph node specimens were sent to the pathologists in 2 to 5 separate packages: right and left pelvic, right and left common iliac, and pre-sacral lymph nodes.
A wired network under a single administrative domain allows for discovery, repair, response and forensics of suspicious nodes (Anantvalee, 2008).
Over the past few years, the sensor network research community has proposed a number of data gathering algorithms to effectively combine the data collected at these sensor nodes through a properly constructed communication topology and send only the aggregated data (that is a representative of the entire network) to the sink.
It may be combination of symptoms of respiratory tract infection and tenderness of the nodes around the ears, under the chin or upper part of the neck.
Jiang et al [8] propose the efficient route broadcast algorithm to restrict flooding in the light of Euclidean distance, it uses the fewer forwarding node to cover the more nodes in the network.
Factors that predicted cancer-specific survival included age younger than 40 years, white race, later year of diagnosis (2000-2005), squamous histology, small tumor size, stage IA2, and the number of lymph nodes removed.
It therefore remains entirely reasonable not to sample IMC nodes when identified in a sentinel node biopsy procedure.
2-4) Proponents of more recent theories regard them as epithelial inclusions within cervical lymph nodes that can trigger cystic degeneration.
Bilchik of the John Wayne Cancer Institute, Santa Monica, theorized that increasing the number of lymph nodes sampled--to at least 15--would improve survival.
In column K the intrinsic values of the option at the corresponding nodes are computed using Excel IF statements to determine whether the stock prices at those nodes exceed the option's exercise price.
If the procedure showed disease in the sentinel node or if the tumor was more than five centimeters, all the axillary nodes were removed, and the patient underwent chemotherapy and surgery.
The ability to provide a coherent cache among all nodes within a cluster is extremely difficult and supported by just a handful of storage systems today.
A new panicle studded with gadolinium ions may soon help surgeons extract only those nodes most likely to harbor cancer, say its developers.
Star Nodes are battery operated, can accommodate up to two sensor inputs, as well as serial I/O, support a dry contact output, and communicate bi-directionally with Mesh Nodes and Bridge Nodes.
We also obtain the analytical expressions for the saturation throughput for a given number of nodes, N.