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type genus of the Noctuidae: moths whose larvae are cutworms

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The 140mm Noctua fan sits at the bottom of the case, expelling hot air at a rate of 1798 feet/min.
Ocular consequences of blunt trauma in two species of nocturnal raptors (Athene noctua and Otus scops).
Common name Species Predatory behavior Little owl Athene noctua Eats small vertebrates, predominantly in open spaces, hunting on the ground after a short flight Tawny owl Strix aluco Eats small and medium sized mammals, amphibians and birds, hunting the prey quickly Scops owl Otus scops Eats insects, reptiles, small mammals and birds, hunting from perches in semi-open landscapes Eared owl Asio otus Eats rodents, small mammals and birds, hunting over open country by night.
(2009) Little owl (Athene 3.5 [+ or -] BARSOTTI noctua) 1.96 et al.
2001: Population dynamics of little owl Athene noctua in Wallonia and its driving forces.
Etude de la fragmentation des differents elements sclerotinises et osseux des proies de la Chouette cheveche Athene noctua glaux dans la station de Staoueli et Athene noctua saharae dans la reserve naturelle de Mergueb.
Noctua, which translates to "night owl" in Latin, has been decked out with black booths, light-up tables and blue lighting.
Roger Vila, researcher at the butterfly diversity and evolution laboratory in the northeastern city of Barcelona, identified three types of moth from photographic evidence: the Gamma, Noctua and Catocala.
The Senior Wind Division bronze medal was awarded to the Noctua Wind Quintet, who currently study at the Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, in Houston, Texas.
Athena noctua (Little Owl)###-###1 (17.03.2008)###16 (15.06.2007)###9###R###LC###A.2
it's more fun to think of them as occupying Noctua, the Night Owl.