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Synonyms for nobility

Synonyms for nobility

noble rank or status by birth

Synonyms for nobility

the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct

the state of being of noble birth


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22-23), reiterates the opening warning of Niobe's statue: the poem's true meaning, like Elisium, can be discerned only by 'these serching spirits, whom learning hath made noble, and nobilitie sacred' (ded.
So, as they be not onely parteners of theyr nobilitie, but resemble them also, in imitacion of their dedes: Not only evening but euen surmounting them.
It should be added that Elphinston and Home were the only Catholics in this group (see John Colville's "Catalogue of the Scottis Nobilitie" in John Colville, The Original Letters of Sir John Colville, ed.
BOE: Truelye I do se, that ryches cannot be satisfied with suffysaunce, nor power wyth kyngedomes, nor reuerence with dygnities, not glory with nobilitie or gentles, nor myrth with pleasures.
Demosthenes and Cicero, for instance, "were borne, of verie meane parentes and ancestors: yet thei throwe their learnyng and vertues, became famous ascending to all nobilitie" (The Foundacion of Rhetorike, Axlvii verso).
The senators who spurn his sons received his charity when they were needy; the enthusiasm with which he helps Lelio escape is based on a desire to "fauor true nobilitie" (284).
According to Francis Smith, the papist Peter Lambert's execution at Tyburn attracted "more in number then ever attended anie man to that place before, some of them beinge Earles and of the nobilitie".
As Holinshed phrases it on one occasion: "The archbishop coueting to extinguish the sedition (whereof he himselfe had beene no small kindler) which was like to grow, if the Nobilitie were not pacified the sooner, talked with the king.
they who may best maintain yt, have not forborn to say that he jugled with religion, with the King, Quene, theyre children, with nobilitie, Parlement, with friends, foes and generally with all.
A3v), and decries the pretension of "Every undeserving and base Peasant ayming at Nobilitie: which miserable ambition hath so furnished both Towne & Country with Coates of a new list; that were Democritus living, hee might be have laughing matter for his life" (pp.
A treatise of the nobilitie and excellencye of woman kynde, translated out of Latine into englysshe by David Clapam.
This is especially the "dutie of the Nobilitie and Estates, by whose blindnes a Woman is promoted" (415-16).
But the barbarous policie whereby this tyrannie is sustayned, doth differ from all other: guided by the heads, and strengthned by the hands of his slaves, who thinke it is as great an honour to be so, as they doe with us that serve in the Courts of Princes: the Naturall (to be so called a reproach) being rarely employed in command of service: amongst whom there is no Nobilitie of bloud, no knowne parentage, kindred, nor hereditary possessions, but as it were of the Sultans creation, depending upon him onely for their sustenance and preferments.
In the sixteenth century, it was difficult for the Moscow branch of the (English) Russia Company to refuse selling on credit to the Emperor and his courtiers: the goods of the merchants who were members of the Company were "'ever ready at hand for the Emperor and his nobilitie', who took wares 'upon trust ...
"After this, with great pompe he rowed vnto Westminster, & there the thirtith daie of October he was with all ceremonies accustomed, annointed, & crow|ned king, by the whole assent as well of the com|mons as of the nobilitie, Henrie the s[...]uenth crow|ned king.