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an annual award for outstanding contributions to chemistry or physics or physiology and medicine or literature or economics or peace

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2019.The quantized Hall resistance (Nobel Prize 1985) plays a crucial role for the realization of this new SI system since this quantum resistance can be used not only for high precision measurements of electrical standards, but also for a new realization of a kilogram by comparing electrical and mechanical forces with the Watt balance.
He said: "This is an amazing opportunity to not only talk with some of the best minds in the field who have proven their worth with Nobel prizes, but it is also exciting to meet the best young minds."
If there was a Nobel Prize for narcissism, Trump would be an absolute shoo-in.
The first of the two workshops was titled "The Life and work of Naguib Mahfouz" and presented by world-renowned Egyptian writer and journalist Mohammed Selmawi, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature on behalf of Naguib Mahfouz back in 1988.
Meanwhile, Dr Amelin Olov, vice-president, exhibitions, Nobel Prize Museum in Sweden, said the Nobel Prize Museum seeks to reach out to a young audience worldwide and inspire people to get engaged in the areas in which a Nobel Prize could be won.
The list of Nobel Prize Winners was derived from World Atlas, global IQ scores were obtained from a study by Lynn and Vanhanen, and student test scores were gathered from a 2015 study carried out by Our World in Data.
Casanova proceeds from this history to discuss the worldliness of literature, which also constitutes this essay's entry point to a discussion of Nobel Prize in Literature.
If I sign myself Jean Paul Sartre, it is not the same thing as if I sign myself Jean Paul Sartre, Nobel Prize winner.'
She used the terror of Nazi Germany as inspiration for her work, which won her the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966.
Indeed only one person in the history of the world has ever won the Nobel Prize in both Physics and Chemistry and set a unique precedence and that person was a woman also (not a man) - Marie Sklodowska Curie, who basically gave her life for science as her groundbreaking research led to her death through cancer.
The Nobel Prize for Physics bestowed on three scientists from the US, France and Canada is the latest development in the international arena and the right form of appreciation for their research work on toolson eye surgery lasers.
According to the statement, the methods that the 2018 Nobel prize laureates have developed are currently being internationally developed to promote a greener chemical industry, produce new materials, manufacture sustainable biofuels, mitigate disease, and save lives.
3 -- The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 with one half to Frances H.
The 'power of evolution' won big at the Nobel prizes this year with three scientists being awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry on Wednesday.