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a fashionable neighborhood in San Francisco

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Situated on the highest point of the Greenlands, Nob Hill offers 300 to 700-sqm lots, sitting on verdant sloping hills and surrounded by lush landscapes.
Buyer advisor: BofA Merrill Lynch , Kirkland and Ellis , Nob Hill Law Group
So we reluctantly said goodbye to our deluxe Nob Hill apartment and moved to a large Victorian townhouse in the Cole Valley.
8221; In addition to regularly scheduled 55-minute classes that start and end on time, MOXIE: Nob Hill will ensure personal attention in intimate classes with a maximum capacity of 20 students.
Northern California libraries must have Katherine Powell Cohne's SAN FRANCISCO'S NOB HILL (0789581283, $21.
The most recent portfolio included buildings in the Haight and Lower Nob Hill areas of San Francisco.
It"s an incredible honor to be recognized as a leader in the industry for our efficient refrigeration systems -- Raley"s, Petaluma and Nob Hill Foods, San Jose (on Snell Ave.
Territory covers Nob Hill Rd - east to Powerline Rd - south to Sunrise Blvd north to Parkland.
They range from lower Market Street, Golden Gate Park, and Haight-Ashbury, to Chinatown, Nob Hill, Tenderloin, and the Presidio, and focus on the stories behind buildings and areas.
that at least some of the calmness of the victims on Nob Hill was a result of "the shock of the disaster," which "had completely numbed our sensibilities"
After performing take after take of the high-octane "La Vie Boheme" musical number, shot on a soundstage, producers gave away spa treatments at the luxe Nob Hill Spa (1075 California St.
The panoramic views of the ocean and the bay afforded by the area that came to be known as Pacific Heights were highly prized, and the well-to-do of the 1870s pounced, constructing lavish mansions to rival those of nearby Nob Hill.
The hotel's brochures refer to this neighborhood as Lower Nob Hill, though a more apt characterization might be Upper Tenderloin - an area that is still straining to shake off its tawdriness.
Reebie and her friend photographer Daphne Teng visits Nora McFarland as Jeannette told her to ask for that name at her Nob Hill apartment only to find her dead.
And it doesn't get any more inspirational than in the French Gothic stained-glass shrine of Grace Cathedral Episcopal Church, atop San Francisco's Nob Hill.