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United States lexicographer (1758-1843)


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Noah Webster is one of those pioneers who should never be forgotten.
As a matter of constitutional construction, these terms "must be given their ordinary meaning common to understanding at the time of its adoption by the people." (95) Indeed, as with the federal constitution, "the enlightened patriots who framed [Alabama's] constitution, and the people who adopted it, must be understood to have employed words in their natural sense, and to have intended what they have said." (96) In order to determine the original meaning of the words in [section] 26, this Article relies primarily on Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, which was published only nine years after Alabama's statehood.
Perhaps they were influenced by the great statesman, educator, and author of Webster's Dictionary (and the man for whom Webster County in our state is named), Noah Webster, who said: "Education is useless without the Bible." Article IX, Section 16 of the 1817 Constitution of the State of Mississippi stated: "Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government, the preservation of liberty and the happiness of mankind, schools, and the means of education shall be forever encouraged in this state." It further stated, "No person who denies the being of God or a future state of rewards and punishments shall hold any office in the civil department of the State."
They describe the constitutional foundations and the ideas of individuals like John Locke, James Madison, Noah Webster, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln.
In 1828, the first edition of Noah Webster's ''American Dictionary of the English Language'' was published.
Benjamin Franklin and Noah Webster tried to reinvent a distinctly American version of the English language, while in addition to writing distinctly American common school textbooks, Webster wrote a federal catechism to be recited by school children.
Chief among his challengers look to be the Willie Mullinstrained mare Ask Vic and JP McManus's Noah Webster, both winners on their latest starts.
LISTOWEL: 2.00 Old Laxey, 2.35 Baily Dusk, 3.10 Bruff, 3.45 Safe Home, 4.20 Lean And Keen, 4.55 Noah Webster, 5.30 Allez Encore, 6.00 Windsor Park.
Thanks to the foresight of Noah Webster, this nation was able, in the years following the first publication of his dictionary in 1828, to build up the largest stockpile of letter U's the world has ever seen.
The Paul Fahey-trained Lots Of Memories is a worthy favourite in the Grade 3 Kerry Group Stayers Hurdle, while the Aidan O'Brien-trained Noah Webster can claim the Low Low Handicap Hurdle.
Presented in chronological order by time period, the documents date from 1528 to 1883 and consist of presidential proclamations, letters by runaway slaves, court cases, manifestos, newspaper ads, bills, and other sources by people like Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Noah Webster, James Madison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
The Forgotten Founding Father: Noah Webster's Obsession and the Creation of an American Culture.
If that were the case Noah Webster would be a prophet.
Noah Webster concluded his Dissertations by arguing that, without a new language of her own, America would never command respect abroad.