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The uptake of no3-, no2-, and nh4+ by intact wheat (triticum aestivum) seedlings i.
There were significant positive correlations between NO3-, H2PO4-, Ca, K, Fe and Cu and Chl a/b, but significant negative correlations with Chl a, Chl b, Chl (a+b), Car, pN, gs, E, Ci/Ca, WUE and soluble carbohydrate.
Overall, susceptibility of lettuce to B.cinerea is increased at higher NO3- nutrition as compared tolow NO3 nutrition.
Data obtained from these stations change to seasonal data and additionally 352 data for PO43-, NO3-, NH4+, DO, BOD, COD, turbidity, coli form, and nitrogen entered to Aq.Qa software and then there was determined the salinity risk for irrigation and type of water in 8 stations and 4 seasons.
Soil samples taken from growers' fields early in the growing season were analyzed for (NO3-) and (NH4+).