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Included articles reported on human subjects with NBPP treated by NMES with description of primary outcomes and were published between January 1947 and March 2015 in the English language.
After completing our formal article review, we extracted and examined data representing patient demographics, reported conditions, NMES equipment type and settings, and other concurrent treatments, where applicable.
Therapists use NMES to apply electrical current to a partially or completely denervated muscle with the goal of promoting functional recovery.
There is a lack of consensus on the mechanism and effectiveness of NMES in humans.
Conventional NMES. Conventional NMES was delivered with a portable and programmable stimulator unit (Compex 3, Compex Medical SA, Ecublens, Switzerland) connected to three self-adhesive pregelled electrodes (two active channels).
The ability to increase NMES current intensity during a typical session (tolerance), the level of knee extension force evoked by NMES (as a percentage of the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) force), and the level of discomfort associated with NMES were assessed in each condition.
Maximal Voluntary Contraction Force and Force Evoked by NMES. Isometric quadriceps MVC force was measured using a strain-gauge transducer (Sensy, 2712 model, Jumet, Belgium), a signal transducer, and specific software (ADInstruments PowerLab Systems), as previously described in our laboratory [13].