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an adherent of Ismailism


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A closer study of the Majlis and other Ismaili-inspired works of al-Shahrastani will be invaluable not only for appreciating the complex religious thought of this scholar and his intellectual heritage, but also for a better understanding of the doctrines of the Nizari Ismailis of the Alamut period whose literature has perished almost completely.
Be that as it may, al-Shahrastani doubtless had contacts with Nizari Ismaili du is and was familiar with the Ismaili teachings of both the Fatimid and Alamut periods, which he categorized respectively as the "old preaching" (al-da-wa al-qadima) and "new preaching" (al-da-wa a1-qadima).
The second, and academically more important, book will contain a definitive description of the widespread areas and sites in Iran which the remarkable Islamic sect, the Nizari Ismailis (or Assassins), controlled in the 11th to the 13th centuries.
The book under review, written by an occultist scholar and a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Western magical society, surveys the histories of the Nizari Ismailis (unfortunately, designated as the Assassins) of the Alamut period and the Templars, both categorized as secret societies; James Wasserman is also bent on showing that the Templar doctrines were greatly influenced by those espoused by the Nizaris, which remains merely the intention of the book as the author fails to prove his case.
It also enriches our understanding of the ginan heritage of the Nizari Ismailis.