nitrogen fixation

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the assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen by soil bacteria and its release for plant use on the death of the bacteria

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Nitrogen-fixation is impaired during phosphorus deficiency (Sa and Israel, 1995) and can be partially alleviated by mycorrhiza-mediated uptake of otherwise unavailable phosphorus.
Seasonal changes in rates of nitrogen-fixation (AR) and numbers of potential nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with excised roots of aquatic angiosperms.
Russelle doesn't suggest that farmers apply manure to all fields of legumes--just those fields with the highest nitrogen-fixation rates, because those plants are hungry for an easy supply of nitrogen.
Although Azolla does not require any nitrogen in the medium, the level of nitrogen in the water does affect its growth and nitrogen-fixation rates.
The effect of vegetation on available soil nitrogen is controlled by a number of processes, including direct uptake of mineral nitrogen from soils, deposition of N-containing organic compounds through root exudates and litterfall and symbiotic nitrogen-fixation.