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a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas

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Nitrogen compound distribution in middle distillate fuels derived from petroleum, oil shale, and tar sand sources.
Based on the view that the population of microorganisms is already mature or stable when the animals are stocked, perhaps the spikes in toxic nitrogen compounds could be avoided (Sesuk et al.
Considering NDFap digestibility, it was found that nitrogen supplementation did not cause a positive effect, which reflects the fact that the basal forage has no deficiency of nitrogen compounds for growth of fibrolytic microorganisms.
Department of Energy is working with engine manufacturers and fuel suppliers to develop diesel engine technology to produce very low emissions of reactive nitrogen compounds and particulate matter.
Adding too many yeast or nitrogen compounds, for instance, is a wasteful practice I see quite frequently.
Along with other nitrogen compounds, the instruments detected nitric oxide (NO -- one atom of nitrogen bound to an oxygen atom) in samples from all three sites.
When looking at the entire proportion of nitrogen compounds (NOx) coming into existence during the combustion of fuel (Figure 5), it can be seen that when alkylate petrol is used at low engine loads (100 W and 200 W), the proportion of nitrogen compounds does not change significantly.
Other topics of the 32 papers include a comprehensive wireless monitoring system tested at Qatar University, conversion of nitrogen compounds into nitrogen oxides during combustion in a fluidized bed reactor, asthma hospitalizations modified by synoptic weather types and aeroallergens, and urban air quality plans in Europe.
Organically grown plant foods cannot be treated with synthetic pesticides or mineral fertilizers, such as nitrogen compounds.
Nitrogen compounds are essential to life, but many are toxic and must be managed in a balanced fashion to work with the aquaponic system's ecology.
When these two food groups are combined, the reaction of unsaturated fatty acids with nitrogen compounds in the vegetables results in the formation of nitro fatty acids.
Nitrogen compounds are a critical component of high explosives, and their greater availability dramatically increased the destructive power of armies.