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a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol

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Treatment initiated to control oedema with 100% oxygen, positive pressure ventilation with PEEP and use of furosemide, nitro-glycerine (Used as venodilator and not as an antihypertensive).
Wheeler, manager of the Lake Shore Nitro-Glycerine Company, knew that 4,800 pounds of high explosives from his factory were being loaded into a railroad car for delivery to the Republic Mine.
Patients were asked particularly about the storage of sublingual nitro-glycerine medications.
Double-based propellants are so called because their two main components are nitro-glycerine and nitro-cellulose.
The Times reported: "On one page, under the title 'Explosivija za Oklahomu,' the owner of the notebook had scribbled formulas with inscriptions in English for TNT, ammonium nitrate and nitro-glycerine.
When his mountaineering little sister (Robin Tunney) becomes trapped on the top of K2 with a millionaire buisinessman (Bill Paxton), Chris comes to the rescue with a rag-tag band of volunteers with a stash of nitro-glycerine strapped to their backs.
Angina tablets are blockaded as they contain minute quantities of nitro-glycerine and, the theory goes, they could have a "dual use.
In drug mode, the Sabre 2000 can detect and identify cocaine, heroin, and many others, while in explosive mode it can detect Semtex, Nitro-glycerine, TNT and many more.
The Crimean War saw new developments and throughout the nineteenth century the manufacture of propellants and high explosives increased until by the end of the century many buildings were adapted to produce cordite and nitro-glycerine.
Like nitro-glycerine, he only needs a shoogle for him to explode.
Nitro-glycerine (NG) Plant, Nitrocellulose (NC) Plant and Sulphuric Acid Concentration / Nitric Acid Concentration (Acid Concentration) Plant have been erected.
Fire was used to decontaminate the buildings and rid them of any unexploded nitro-glycerine left behind, and the site has changed dramatically since then.
In science, based on nitro-glycerine, what D is an explosive invented by Alfred Nobel in 1866?
Cascade chief executive John Fuller said: "As part of a Government trial, the equipment was tasked to detect small amounts of nitro-glycerine.
There were just a few of us who were concerned at the way that the only evidence produced in court consisted of some finger swabs which had been analysed by a Home Office forensic scientist, who swore that only nitro-glycerine could have produced the positive result he found.