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a person born in the United States of parents who emigrated from Japan

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After graduating from the Military Intelligence Service Language School in 1943, he served as the intelligence officer for Merrill's Marauders and provided oversight for the Nisei linguists.
Wu outlines how many had begun to perceive the Confucian backgrounds of the Nisei as sharing Protestant ideals, such as:
The plaintiff, Mitsuye Endo, a US-born Californian Nisei like Korematsu, was in an internment camp (first in California, then Utah).
constitutional protections, why didn't the Nisei protest and fight
The story of the nisei is too big for this book, even when the focus is narrowed to only the nisei in the 442nd, but McGaugh makes the most of the opportunity.
I couldn't figure out what exactly was happening with me then, but as I saw the elderly Nisei veterans, who are as tiny and frail as any old Japanese American men, trying to stand tall, even though some of them were confined to wheelchairs, and looking bright and proud, I felt a strong bond with them as if they were my own grandfathers.
But those liberal yelps re-echoed, and had force, amplified by the repeated embarrassment over two centuries of denying slaves, apprentices, women, immigrants, anarchists, socialists, communists, Okies, Nisei, blacks, Chicanos, gays, Vietnam protesters, criminal suspects, handicapped people, gender crossers, ex-cons, drug users, smokers, and citizens of the District of Columbia their own equality, liberty, and justice.
Just two years earlier, I watched as Tamilyn Tomita was crowned Queen at the annual Nisei Week festival in Little Tokyo, a festival we attended as a family every year.
He says that the horses were bred in Nisei (Nisa, near Ashgabat).
Mallonga noted that the Filipino veterans were the only notable minority group not recognized for their contribution to Allied victory in the Second World War, unlike the Tuskegee Airmen, Japanese Nisei, Puerto Ricans and others who have been honored for their service.
Professional storyteller Alton Chung will share World War II stories, including what it was like for Issei and Nisei (first- and second-generation Japanese-Americans) in Hawaii and the continental United States during World War II, after Pearl Harbor, in the internment camps and serving in the U.S.
Nisei (second generation Japanese-Canadians) like Hyodo weren't allowed to vote in B.C., and were shut out of many occupations.
Manuel Cunha, president of the Fresno-based Nisei Farmers League, estimates that 85 percent of California's agricultural workers are using false documents to obtain work.
Level of Suicide Subject Age Sex Education Generation in the Family E1 53 F College Nisei NO E2 76 F College Nisei YES E3 49 F College Sansei NO E4 56 F College Sansei YES E5 60 F Secondary Nisei YES E6 52 M College Nisei NO E7 54 F Secondary Nisei YES E8 24 F College Sansei YES E9 58 F Secondary Nisei NO E10 50 M College Sansei YES Subject Profession Religion E1 Nurse Seichono-ie E2 Nurse Catholic and Shinto E3 Nurse Catholic E4 Massage Therapist Buddhist E5 Retired Catholic E6 Merchant Catholic E7 Businessman Catholic E8 Nurse Without E9 Manicure Catholic E10 Architect Catholic
Among the Japanese there were tensions between the issei and nisei (first-and second-generation), while among the Ukrainians the dominant conflicting groups were nationalists and communists.