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Synonyms for Nipponese

of or relating to or characteristic of Japan or its people or their culture or language


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During an examination of Memoir of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, the group dined at a Japanese restaurant where the owner provided insights into Nipponese customs.
Just as Hiro (who is the warbaby of an African-American soldier and an Asian woman) dispatches an offending Nipponese businessman in the Metaverse--parodically assuming a stereotypical Negro dialect as he hacks the opponent's avatar to pieces--Hiro avoids a lynching at the Towne Hall by distracting the New South Africans with humorous insults and then hacking his way free with his katana sword.
Wonder how the young Nipponese would get on reffing an Auchinleck v Cumnock derby in the Ayrshire Juniors!
The ambassador wrote, ''The aphorism 'the Nipponese are hard to please' is only too true.
His insistence that Allied officers must join their men building a strategic railway bridge to carry Nipponese Army armaments outrages equally rigid and stubborn British commander Alec Guinness.
Correspondence and miscellaneous memoranda [some incomplete] as Attorney-General, North Borneo [incl.] Report on the internment of civilians in Singapore by the Nipponese authorities 1942-45; proposed scheme, British nationality, citizenship of the U.K.
There was a splendid final-furlong television shot of various far-from-inscrutable Japanese screaming Agnes World home with the Nipponese equivalent of "gawn-my-cocker, not too far" or whatever they yell down Osaka way when the yen is down.
El Condor Pasa was still five lengths clear off the home bend but, with clear water, Montjeu found unlikely acceleration in the clogging terrain, catching the Nipponese four-year-old 75 yards out for a half-length win.
In this cosmopolitan Court there are all manners and races of people: Jews and non-Jews, an Afrikaner, Malayan traders, whispering Arabians, and even, with short black hair and her face pressed to the partition glass, a tea-colored Nipponese. But nowhere, in all this motley, is my far-flung Finn.
By 1936 Tanaka had set up his own small business, the Kyoei Construction Office, which he ran until he was conscripted in 1939 into the Imperial Nipponese Army to serve in the Japanese puppet kingdom of Manchuquo (Manchuria) in the kihei (cavalry).
The point, however, is not that Davidson becomes more Nipponese in some fixed and definitive way, but that she discovers in Japan that the self is indeterminate.
Jamstec has spent the last six years sponsoring a project led by the large Nipponese corporations Mitsui, Mitsubishi, and Kawasaki to build Kaiko ("trench" in Japanese), a $50 million tethered aquatic robot that is 10 feet long and weighs 5.4 tons.
At a time when the Nipponese had a virtually unbroken (at least to the civilians) string of victories, Doolittle shattered their confidence as nothing else could have done.
Hence, the notion that a relatively pure specimen of the artifactual type was identified in Nipponese waters is particularly provocative in terms of Westerners' views of Japanese policy culture.
Considering the premise that quality and consistency constitute the key components to the Japanese consumer and the cornerstones for success in the nipponese market, it looks like Juan Valdez has a better than average chance of casting an even longer shadow extending from a skyscrapered city to a rural rice paddy - even if he has to speak Japanese to do it.