Niobrara River

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a tributary of the Missouri River

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A portion of the Niobrara River was declared off limits for public use and a part of Nebraska Highway 12 was closed earlier, but reopened on Wednesday afternoon.
Survey of Mollusks of the Niobrara River. Final Report.
My three close friends and I have been hunting turkeys in the Niobrara River Valley with my father-in-law for 10 years now.
Plagued by disease and death, a delegation of twenty-seven Poncas led by Standing Bear secretly escaped and trekked west to bury the chief's recently deceased son and reestablish themselves on their confiscated Niobrara River homelands.
When we were there, Julie and I stayed in the nearby town of Niobrara at the Hilltop Lodge Motel (402/857-3611); however, those seeking rustic accommodations can stake a campsite at Niobrara State Park (402/857-3373), a 1,200-acre facility situated on the banks of the Niobrara River.
Born to Jules Ami Sandoz and Mary Fehr Sandoz in May of 2896 at their homestead near the Niobrara River, Mari Susette Sandoz actually was first named Mary after her mother.
For the next five years, the Sierra Club will focus on these and 30 other sites, from the Niobrara River valley in Nebraska to the Columbia River estuary in Oregon/Washington.
The trend is reflected even with the case of Congressionally designated rivers, such as the Farmington River (Conn.), the Lamprey River (N.H.), the Great Egg Harbor River (N.J.), and the Niobrara River (Neb.).
After a little research, I found a landowner willing to let me hunt a beautiful stretch of the Niobrara River for a small trespass fee.
Niobrara River Basin In the Niobrara River basin, the species has been found in the Niobrara River proper but not in any tributaries to the river.
In Old Jules [5], she records that the first meeting between her father and some of the Oglalas who frequented the Niobrara River family home took place when he visited their "broken circle of tipis." The camp was set "among the hackberry and box elders at the foot of Indian Hill." A grove of these trees still stands below this rise, which continues to be called "Indian Hill." This hill figures in many of Mari's pages, most notably in her preface to Love Song to the Plains [6].
The council proponents offered the local management of the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River in Pennsylvania as a model for what could be adopted at the Niobrara River.