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a solar deity


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Not only are these motifs much better integrated than is usually recognized, but they are crucial parts of the way that Enuma elis establishes Marduk as the supreme warrior god over Ninurta, adding nuances that can substantially deepen our interpretation of the poem.
Ninurta's center provides these women with "life-skills awareness sessions" on issues such as early marriage and offers classes for their children.
At left, a Lion (Leo) roars at a figure carrying a bow (possibly the war-god Ninurta).
Other ancient traditions show a "self-revising" tendency similar to the biblical reworking of traditions, as is amply illustrated by the Old Babylonian and standard versions of the Gilgamesh tradition and the use by Enuma Elish of the Ninurta traditions.
According to the Sumerian myth Lugal-e of the late 3rd millennium BC, the Vanquisher of the Seven-Headed Serpent was the war-god Ninurta. Here then we seem to have the origin of both the Greek celestial Kneeler and the Greek myth of Hercules tackling the multi-headed Hydra.
Ninurta is the hero of a fragmentary epic poem that tells of his successful war on the dragon Kur.
This connection with agriculture is shared by Ninurta, Saturn's Babylonian parallel.
Indeed, even the monumental annals of Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BCE), originally carved on the floor and walls of the temple of the war-god Ninurta, on closer inspection appear to be a collection of "assorted texts joined together...
Lambert (1986: 56-60) had already studied the influence of Anza as well as the borrowings of other motives from the Ninurta tradition.
BE 6/2 58: 1 (Nippur): (37) urudu.sita Ninurta ma babtim izzizma sibatusu izzizama, "The mace of Ninurta was present in the ward and the pertinent (lit: his) female witnesses were also present."