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a name under which Ninkhursag was worshipped


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Enki ordered the universe but was unable to create man -- a task that the goddess Nintu accomplished by molding him of clay.
[21] Nintu tells us that she of all other deities had created humanity, and in ex.
His attempt to create man was a pathetic failure, and it was left to the goddess Nintu to mold of clay a satisfactory human being.
Then the goddess Nintu puts on a necklace of lapis lazuli flies as a remembrance of the flood.
Next Enlil impregnated his mother Ki and produced Nintu, another earth goddess.
For much that has been learned of the Sumerian mythology, on which was based much of the mythology of Babylon and Assyria, see An; Enki; Enlil; Inanna; Nintu; Ziusudra.