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the 90 degree angle between two perpendicular lines

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This patent-pending Quad-Lead design provides a thread pattern with a lead every ninety degrees, so you have four places to start threading, as opposed to one place with current technology.
It's ninety degrees in Montreal and there is no breeze in the Carre Saint-Louis.
Even when graph paper is used, this base is often overlaid with other lines or another grid, rotated ninety degrees, its intersecting diagonals producing a field of triangles that can be variously filled in to produce both regular and irregular patterns.
More than 95% of coral reefs in the Maldives were severely damaged when the sea temperature rose above ninety degrees centigrade and the temperature prolonged in duration.
(1) The deformity angle may vary from zero to ninety degrees. The deformity is mostly unilateral, but bilateral cases also have been reported.
It is ninety degrees on the morning on which homicide detective David Gold is to receive the Medal of Valor for his part in averting a bombing at the town's historic Art Institute (which his partner did not survive) when, just seconds after the ceremonies begin, a car bomb explodes just across the street, and Gold receives a text saying "It isn't over." It soon appears that the bomber's aim, as he threatens more violence to come if his demands are not met, is the release of Hassan Al-Shahid, a 28-year old graduate student at the University of Chicago who had been born in Saudi Arabia, the man who is about to go on trial in three days for the foiled bombing a month earlier.
Readers who enjoy the book's conceit will value the book, and so will those who wish to turn the book ninety degrees and enjoy the changes rung on a single theme in landscape photography by a skillful amateur photographer who knows the Susquehanna well.
The world had tilted ninety degrees, and suddenly he was floating high over Great Charlotte Street.
The temperature for that day was over ninety degrees and almost rained towards the end of the event.
Seizing this opportunity, Admiral Rodney turned his ships ninety degrees and sailed through the broken French line of battle, splitting it into four segments.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "The man had a badly broken leg, the lower part of which was bent at ninety degrees with no resultant pulse in that area.
He pointed it across the paved road, ninety degrees from me, ostentatiously working the bolt action several times.
The solution, clearly, was to turn the page ninety degrees and use it landscape fashion with the wire binding at the top and now along the longest edge.
"Today I bent my knee ninety degrees for the first time," she said this week.