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Indeed, the Benchmade Nimravus series is extremely well done.
Benchmade offers these knives in two sizes: the standard Nimravus (Model 140) with an overall length of 9.45 inches, and the smaller Nimravus Cub (Model 145) at 7.82-inches in total length.
The large Nimravus sports a 4.5-inch blade, the smaller Cub checks in at 3.65 inches.
I've had some experience with this metal in Benchmade's Nimravus fixed blade.
Benchmade's Nimravus, a fixed-blade beauty, is handy but tough.
Over the years Allen has collaborated with Benchmade on quite a few designs, including his Sentinel, Stryker, Nimravus, Cub, Dark Star, Ares (Axis Lock) models.