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a dangerous crocodile widely distributed in Africa

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The facility has welcomed new arrivals such as a vervet monkey, 22 blackbuck antelopes, three Arabian wolves, 12 corn snakes, two Nile crocodiles, five Egyptian fruit bats, six wood ducks, 24 African spurred tortoises and three African white lions among others, it said in a press release.
Israel's Hamat Gader presented a pair of young Nile crocodiles to the Tashkent Zoo.
Last year, another juvenile Nile crocodile was spotted in Florida.
BEIRUT: When a story circulated that a Nile crocodile was spotted in the Beirut River, many dismissed it as a hoax.
The camel, or dromedary, as we should but don't call the beast, is a common and favourite sight, but we have to travel to Lake Nasser now to see the famous Nile Crocodile in the wild.
The discovery of cryptic species for the Nile crocodile is not only important from an academic point of view for proper classification, but also from the standpoint of maintaining genetic diversity and preserving the distinct species.
A young wildebeest was captured by a huge Nile crocodile.
By comparison, the largest recorded Nile crocodile was less than 21 feet, and most are much smaller.
They stay near mum for 40 days' This tiny Nile crocodile will stay close to its loving mum for at least two years' The great egret has up to five eggs.
It may seem strange to contemplate today, but the Nile crocodile was once a deity, rising to this status in pharaonic Egypt as the god Sobek.
The Nile crocodile has changed very little in the last 65 million years.
A hungry Nile crocodile may look like a log in a river, just floating on the surface.
Crocodiles are estimated to kill about 2,000 humans a year; the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) and the Indo-Pacific estuarine crocodile (C.
Anderson said he will comply with a court order to transfer the other two animals, a Nile crocodile and a wallaby, to a state-approved facility within the next 30 days.
Zimbabwe is home to another example of a felicitous marriage between conservation and commerce - a highly successful Nile crocodile ranching program.