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And because his name is on the marquee, so to speak, Nile says he feels strongly about the product.
In 1929, Egypt and the British Government (on behalf of the Sudan) reached an agreement over the sharing of the Nile water.
Founded in 2011 by the project's president and CEO, Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis, and Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero, the project brings together musicians from different Nile basin countries.
The representive of the World Bank has affirmed the bank's desire to support the Nile Basin states to reduce poverty and develop the infrastructure to make the most benefit of the water resources.
Both agreements have created resentment among other Nile states and calls for changes to the pact, resisted by Egypt.
It takes a while to see how this hot weather is going to affect the West Nile virus infections,'' said Michelle Mussuto, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Health Services, who noted that infections have tended to peak in August and September.
Two linked cases of West Nile virus (WNV) acquired by Irish tourists in the Algarve, Portugal.
So, it may carry the West Nile virus from birds to people.
Unfortunately, for 4,156 people nationwide in 2002, West Nile was a serious proposition, and for 284 it was a killer.
The appearance of West Nile Virus in recent years is perhaps the most well-documented introduction of a new, vector-borne human pathogen into the U.
June 14, 2013 (JUBA) - South Sudan will later this month assume the chair of the Nile Basin Initiative initially headed by Rwanda, the country's water resources and irrigation minister said Friday.
Ministers in charge of Water Affairs in the Nile Basin countries will on June 20, convene in Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan for the 21st annual Nile Council of Ministers (NILE_COM) meeting.
Nile University students protest the original decision to award lands to the Zewail Science City.
To the Editor: Corvids (crows, blue jays, magpies, and their relatives) are particularly susceptible to West Nile virus (WNV) (1).