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United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) who discovered the principles of alternating currents and developed the first alternating-current induction motor and the Tesla coil and several forms of oscillators (1856-1943)


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Nikola Tesla contributed much to science, and his story -- especially the mysterious promise of the particle beam or "death ray" that he worked on near his end -- is compelling.
The post Exhibition looks at life and work of Nikola Tesla appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In his book "High-frequency electrical currents in medicine and dentistry", published in 1910, he wrote about his impressions from the lecture: "On a memorable night in May, 1891, Nikola Tesla, the Slav, young and enthusiastic, with a poet's mind and the aspirations of genius, stood before the "American Institute of Electrical Engineers" and lighted lamps with currents passing harmlessly through his own body and heated wires to incandescence by the touch of his conducting hand.
With help from Nikola Tesla, Ehrich poses as Harry Houdini in order to draw out Kifo's next target--Thomas Edison.
Highlighted by Instructional Technologist Matthew Schroyer, a patent owned in 1898 by innovator and inventor Nikola Tesla states his belief in the immensely destructive power of unmanned machines and drones.
The Radio Wave building got its name from Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current electricity, who experimented with radio waves when he lived in the building.
La exposicion El futuro me pertenece: Nikola Tesla, que se exhibe actualmente en el Centro Nacional de las Artes, nacio del interes de la editorial espanola Turner por el inven tor serbio que la llevo a publicar una triada de titulos biograficos y autobiograficos: el conocido libro de Margaret Cheney Nikola Tesla.
BORN NICOLAS Cage, US film actor, 1964, above MILLARD Fillmore, US president, 1800 KENNY Loggins, US pop singer, 1948 DIED CATHERINE of Aragon, Queen of England, 1536 MAGNUS Magnusson, presenter, 2007, above NIKOLA Tesla, electrical engineer, 1943
Proposals for the funding of the project pursuant to EU rules for Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) funds are to be discussed with the prime ministers and the ministers in charge, Sefcovic told reporters as he toured the Nikola Tesla coal-fired power plant in Obrenovac on Wednesday, according to Serbian news agency Tanjug.
The both concepts were being strongly argued by two famous scientists namely Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison the most egoistic personalities as afterwards they denied to receive a shared Noble Prize and rejected the handsome prize money.
I love reading about the history of science and its wildest inventors--Vladimir Pistalo's novel Tesla: A Portrait with Masks transforms Nikola Tesla's biography into a fictionalized account that aims to dig into the inner life of one of the electrical age's most prolific inventors.
After years of battling the irrational terror of catching a disease every time he touched a door handle, drank from a water bottle, or scraped his knee playing soccer, Nature editor David Adam earned the right to be annoyed when people called themselves "a little bit OCD." The greatest strength of his book-part memoir, part scientific treatise on obsessive-compulsive disorder-is that it meets those dilettantes on their level: "Imagine you can never turn it off." Adam's personal insights, and case studies from the famous (Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla) to the obscure (an Ethiopian schoolgirl who ate a wall of mud bricks), make that feat of imagination both possible and painful.--Rebecca Cohen
Nikola Tesla died broke and alone (and maybe passionately in love with a pigeon) at the Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan in 1943.
Award-winning writer Steven Kayser presents The Greatest Words You've Never Heard, an anthology of brief, inspirational true tales about extraordinary individuals, from the genius Nikola Tesla to reformed prisoner and cancer research executive Dr.
Carlson's fascinating biography of Nikola Tesla thus sheds new light on the inventor, explaining his contributions to applied science and teasing out the basis of popular myths.