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Marubeni and its partners will jointly promote a plastic recycling business and expand the conventional 3R activities2 of the ECONET PROJECT that Chubu Nihon has been promoting to '4R'.
At Nihon Kohden, we pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed quality and reliability of the signal quality from our amplifiers, said John Korney, vice president, marketing, Nihon Kohden America.
As technology has advanced, hospitals and integrated delivery networks have shouldered a greater and greater burden to build vast IT infrastructure and dedicated rooms that don't always deliver an improved clinical experience, said Harsh Dharwad, vice president and chief technology officer for Nihon Kohden America.
Nihon Kohden Dimensions is currently designed to be used with Nihon Kohden's Lead Placement and Arrhythmia Identification posters available on the NKU website (
In addition, the new monitor works with Nihon Kohden's proprietary cap-ONE Mainstream CO2 Sensor Kit, which is the world's first wearable mainstream CO2 sensor for non-intubated patients.
NKE's parent company in Japan, Nihon Kohden Corporation, has also committed to stepping up its global compliance program.
The book presents a limited selection of the full collection housed at the Nihon no hanga museum, which currently boasts over two thousand prints.
As of the settlement date of 4 September 2015, Kyocera will commence acquiring a 69.33% equity interest in Nihon Inter Electronics Corp., consisting of 40,112,700 common shares, as well as 21,461,524 shares converted from 9,121,148 shares of class A preferred stock, totaling 61,574,224 shares.
Nihon Inter Electronics is a power-semiconductor manufacturer specialising in high-power industrial diodes and diode modules.
Nihon Medi-Physics markets the brain disorder diagnostic agent DaTSCAN Injectable (ioflupane [123I], "DaTSCAN"), which is the only product indicated for the use of dopamine transporter scintigraphy in diagnosing DLB in Japan.
The exclusive distribution agreement was reached after Nihon Kohden concluded that testing with Itamar Medical's EndoPAT device provides unique and important indications in assessing the risk of cardiovascular events.
The Nihon ryoiki provides a crucial window into the ways in which Japanese Buddhists began to make sense of the teachings and texts of their religion, incorporate religious observances and materials from Korea and China, and articulate a popularized form of Buddhist practice and belief that could extend beyond monastic centers.
Moreover, Nanasawa (2008) illustrates how the Nihon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), or Japan Broadcasting Corporation, has portrayed nuclear safety in Japan since the 1950s.
Yamato court into the imperial-style state of "Nihon." In a
Nihon Unisys, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, concluded that all of its assets entrusted with AIJ for management have been lost, it said.