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(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

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In this particular example (5), emplaster nigre is the direct translation of emplastrum nigrum and the original word order in the NP has been also preserved.
5) After be yt replete wip homely exsiccatyue[??] & be it couered wip diapalma or emplaster nigre, for it shal duelle quiete long tyme
According to the account given in the Norfolk paper of the 15th, it seems probable that the ship Nigre, prize to the Constitution, will be found to be a pirate.
+ OE 4 charcol L + OE 3 lorelcre CF + AF & ML 2 Oyle roset OF + AF + OE 2 Weberes grece talwe * OE + ON 2 Lyle rote OF + OE 2 gingebred OF + OF 2 Nigre piper AF + OE 1 chirystones AF + OE + OE 1 Chiristones Kernelles * CF + OF 1 Oyle laue L & OF + ML 1 Sal armoniak ML + ON 1 bosschel OE & L + L & OF 1 Radich sexfragie OE + ML 1 erdoresses OF + L 1 Turbyt albi 01 + OE 1 cordogge
Combinations taken from French were also found: nigre piper (OF + OE), oyle laue (CF + OF); and even French with Latin, as in sal armoniak (L & OF + ML).