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rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed

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He's certain about his favourite too, namely Nigiri, a specific type of sushi consisting of a slice of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice.
For LE 250 guests can savor delicious maki rolls and tasty nigiri, while sipping refreshing green tea.
Dessert options will include coconut and jaggery pancake with banana smoothie and mango nigiri with pandan-flavoured coconut cream.
For desserts, one can try Summer Dessert Maki or Fruit Nigiri which are sweetened sushi rice bites with fillings/toppings of fresh fruits or Green Tea Tiramisu, a Japanese twist to the Italian classic.
Next up Shashimi: Hamachi-yellow tail, sourced from Vietnam as is the Blue Fin; then Nigiri, Akami, Tuna back Loin; both excellent.
There was a dish to suit all tastes and in the end the three of us plumped for Tempura Potatoes (sweet potato tempura served with tempura dipping sauce), Nigiri Salmon (sushi rice topped with fresh salmon slices and served with wasabi and pickled ginger) and Hoi Sin Duck (duck breast robata skewers marinated with plum sauce, soy, coriander and hoi sin).
The menu features a selection of nigiri, cold beef noodle salad, pan-fried sea bass with Asian vegetables, 6oz aged Scottish fillet steak in soy and molasses, a selection of chicken, beef and vegetarian ramen, and a steamed dim sim experience.
Opt for simple sushi, such as nigiri (fish on a bed of rice).
With nearly 20 sushi varieties, you can expect the regular suspects; nigiri (tuna, and salmon), and maki (California style, vegetable, crabstick, tuna), among others.
The book is also useful for describing the various kinds of sushi -- gunkan (nori boats topped with rice and soft ingredients), inari (fried tofu pockets filled with sushi items), and nigiri (rice ovals with fishy tops).
We ordered a combination platter with four nigiri, four crispy rolls and four Philadelphia rolls.
The menu itself is a delight, set out in a colourful picture grid showing off each dish, from individual nigiri to elaborate platters.
Each roll of the sushi nigiri take, an assortment of the day's best, was crafted to perfection and served with fiery wasabi that truly hit the spot.
The menu consistently has varieties of tuna nigiri sushi taken from different parts of the fish.
And guests will never run out of choices at the Sushi Bar serving Japanese soups, yakimeshi, tempura, nigiri, sashimi, rolls, temaki as well as salads and house specialties.