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influential German philosopher remembered for his concept of the superman and for his rejection of Christian values

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It is a New World pragmatist, Utopian philosophy that is able, like European Nietzscheanism, to reject the Enlightenment's metaphysical baggage of foundationalism and representationalism, and yet unlike its European older cousin, it does not need to jettison the promise of the Enlightenment's political project.
Duse's genuine Nietzscheanism and Wagnerism depicts her as a noticeable specimen of the ideologically complex status of Italy after the unification of the new nation (I860).
Therefore, Seymour-Smith has every reason to think that Conrad's readers would have recognized the "Professor's Nietzscheanism," and, I believe, they would have been familiar with the details of Nietzsche's collapse that Conrad's uses in Stevie's encounters with the suffering horse (22).
The doubtful morality of such a dialectical reversal has perhaps been demonstrated most clearly by Axel Honneth's recent attack on Sloterdijk: "One may already have suspected a ressentiment at the basis of this imitation of Nietzscheanism.
56) A recent discussion by Leigh Starcross has helped redress the balance, but without really exploring the implications of Goldman's Nietzscheanism for her anarchism.
Turnbull begins to undergo a philosophical (if not yet a theological) conversion upon seeing that his physicalism has little means of answering Wimpey's kind of Nietzscheanism.
The Historical Dictionary of Nietzscheanism is not as ambitious in scope as any of three.
While I have my own reasons for admiring some of Holmes's work--despite, rather than because of, the Nietzscheanism that endears him to Judge Posner--I think that everything Holmes thought and taught about natural law is wrong.
IWWism endorsed a kind of collective Nietzscheanism, arguing for the
On the other hand, Cioran is a potent antidote to feverish Nietzscheanism.
16) Concerning Weber' s Nietzscheanism, it should be taken into consideration that although classical economists generally were critical of landlords, considering them as an "unproductive class," there was no lack of arguments justifying the existence of this class because it functioned to provide the only possible (in the world of overpopulation and scarcity) milieu where "high culture" could arise and flourish.
For Mussolini, the War is an experience of "'conversion,' a break with respect to his [socialist] comrades, even if his revolutionism was impregnated like none other by Nietzscheanism, by the 'life philosophy' for which social revolution was, above all, action, struggle, movement.
Voldemort's vulgar Nietzscheanism is a familiar moral nihilism that can never be entirely vanquished.
The selection of Outlooks ranges from European postmodernism, existentialism, and Nietzscheanism, through Middle Eastern Judeo-Christianity and the Vedic, Jainistic, and Buddhistic philosophies of the Indian subcontinent, to Chinese Confucianism and Taoism, and to Japanese Zen Buddhism.
It is no mystery that Rousseauism gave birth to Jacobinism, that romantic pantheism fostered naturalism, materialism and Marxism, that the various forms of psychoanalysis as well as radical feminism and sexual emancipation could be enlisted in the revolutionary cause, that gay studies and queer theory grew out of sexual emancipation, that not only Nietzscheanism and Heideggerianism but the whole romantic revolution culminated in postmodernism, etc.