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United States Protestant theologian (1892-1971)

German historian noted for his critical approach to sources and for his history of Rome (1776-1831)

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Even with a less ambitious return strategy, Edmunds and Niebuhr managed to complete the round-trip adventure in less than a week: 6 days, 23 hours and 4 minutes, to be exact.
The proponents include President Obama, who says Niebuhr is his favorite theologian, as well as Sen.
foreign policy and Niebuhr and Billy Graham on spiritual truths to Theodore Adorno and Richard Hofstadter on anticommunism's authoritarianism and James Baldwin and Flannery O'Connor on social justice among whites and blacks, Stevens provides an impressive commentary on the dominant themes and genres of 1950s American culture without forcing his subjects into the mold of his argument.
The careers of Kennan and Niebuhr best reflect the tensions in this tradition between accepting a significant American political and military role abroad and recoiling from abuses of power, ideological enthusiasm, and the militarization of foreign policy.
Framing the essays is a wide-ranging (but essential) introduction by Nicolas Guilhot and a series of appendices containing some of the source documents, including Waltz's notes of the meeting and five brief papers prepared for it by Morgenthau, Niebuhr, Nitze, Wolfers, and William T.
Reinhold Niebuhr Revisited: Engagements with an American Original.
38-43) he quotes Paul, Aristotle, and Reinhold Niebuhr in calling Christians to political activity in discerning justice and working for the common good.
9) The return of interest in Niebuhr (including from President Barack Obama) is based both on Niebuhr's pessimistic view of the international system and on his belief in the limits of what America can do to change the world in which we find ourselves.
Dismissing pacifism on the grounds of humanity's sinfulness and the political irrelevance of Jesus's ethic, Niebuhr argued for a degree of Christian responsibility that could affirm a pragmatic political ethic.
to R) sales supervisor Phil Aguas, brewmaster John Mish, sales supervisor Brian Niebuhr, sales supervisor Lakeino Brown, sales manager Andrew Reed, sales supervisor Phil Richman, sales supervisor Dave Krebs, general manager Rob Mitchell and Kirby Shyer.
AFTER PRESIDENT OBAMA CITED CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIAN AND ETHICIST REINHOLD Niebuhr (1892-1971) as one of his favorite philosophers, the blogosphere erupted with commentary on what this might portend for the foreign policy of the new administration.
Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) was of German pietistic Lutheran background, a German Evangelical by denomination and a Missourian by birth.
Gustav Niebuhr recognizes the inadequacy of the word "tolerance" to describe the attitude that allows for such sharing, agreeing with those who founded our country that tolerance, though at the time an official policy of many European governments, "carried the taint of condescension, as if it were a benefit bestowed by the powerful on the barely worthy.
He made a passing reference to being influenced by the Protestant thinker Reinhold Niebuhr.
Writing in 1957, Reinhold Niebuhr, the renowned mid-twentieth-century