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a port in central Norway on Trondheim Fjord

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There is enough detail in most of the essays to satisfy specialists, while few medievalists are so accomplished as not to benefit from this collection of wide-ranging studies covering ceremonial affairs at the papal court, the council of Nidaros and Scandinavian diplomacy, the role of Adrian in the promotion of St.
The princess also said in an interview with NTB Pluss, a Norwegian news service, that the book is a tribute to the Nidaros cathedral.
The text reportedly deals with the pilgrimage that the couple made between Svokmo in Oppdal to the Nidaros cathedral in Bergen.
When the Icelandic Brandr arrives in Nidaros, he is highly praised for his generosity by the Icelandic court poet podolfr.
5 NIDAROS CATHEDRAL, Trondheim IT'S the last thing you expect to find in Norway, where churches tend to be small fry - a huge Gothic cathedral more suited to England.
The Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, above and Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, below
Nidaros - Ffefryn gan gefnogwyr y cr, wedi ei gyfansoddi gan Daniel Protheroe.
Following is Trondheim, home to Nidaros Cathedral where kings of Norway are still crowned; Honningsvag, Europe's northernmost community; and North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe, for majestic views of the Barents Sea and polar north.
The standing stone buildings in the palace's northern wing date back to the 12th century and the early years of the archbishopric of Nidaros (as Trondheim was also known in the medieval period).
The vast archdiocese of Nidaros (established in 1152/3) incorporated 10 bishoprics, some as far afield as Greenland and the Isle of Man, and was administered from the Archbishop's Palace in Nidaros-Trondheim.
If you have more time on your hands, the spectacular, English-style Nidaros cathedral -where we had the privilege to be in the audience for a wonderful concert - is worth a visit, as is the crown jewels museum next door.