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a port in central Norway on Trondheim Fjord

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Condemning gossip is sparked in Nidaros by the public performance of a malicious "skald" a highly structured poem.
Beuckers also, in the first appendix, provides comparative texts of the Depositio and Elevatio Crucis, Visitatio Sepulcri in Easter litanies including the Nidaros Ordinal, as well as from Rheinau, the Regularis Concordia, and Maastricht, Cologne and Essen.
En d centro de Noruega, esta la dudad de Trondheim, centro cultural, religiosos y comercial del pais durante la Edad Media, su catedral de Nidaros es la construccion medieval mas grande de toda Escandinavia.
The university and Nidaros Cathedral are the main pulling points for visitors although football fans are in for a treat at the home of Rosenborg, who are currently riding high in the UEFA Champions League despite a defeat at the hands of Lyon on Wednesday.
There is enough detail in most of the essays to satisfy specialists, while few medievalists are so accomplished as not to benefit from this collection of wide-ranging studies covering ceremonial affairs at the papal court, the council of Nidaros and Scandinavian diplomacy, the role of Adrian in the promotion of St.
Ocupado en esculpir varias figuras para la catedral de Nidaros, en Trondheim, Noruega, adopto las imagenes que en adelante representarian, en su obra, los simbolos de maldad y hostilidad: dragones y reptiles.
Trondheim's sights include the famous Nidaros Cathedral (English Gothic style), the royal residence Stiftsgarden, and the Bishop's Palace, a relic of Trondheim's medieval glory.
The princess also said in an interview with NTB Pluss, a Norwegian news service, that the book is a tribute to the Nidaros cathedral.
The text reportedly deals with the pilgrimage that the couple made between Svokmo in Oppdal to the Nidaros cathedral in Bergen.
Announcement of competition: Nidaros Regional Psychiatric (DPS) at stmarka in Trondheim has a seawater-based heat pump systems used for both heating and cooling.
5 NIDAROS CATHEDRAL, Trondheim IT'S the last thing you expect to find in Norway, where churches tend to be small fry - a huge Gothic cathedral more suited to England.
Cardinal Archbishop of Nidaros says to Abbott Insulmontanus in du Bocheron's award-winning novel The Voyage of the Short Serpent.
Nidaros - Ffefryn gan gefnogwyr y cr, wedi ei gyfansoddi gan Daniel Protheroe.
If you have more time on your hands, the spectacular, English-style Nidaros cathedral -where we had the privilege to be in the audience for a wonderful concert - is worth a visit, as is the crown jewels museum next door.