Nicotiana alata

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South American ornamental perennial having nocturnally fragrant greenish-white flowers

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Jongli dhonia 37 Nicotiana alata Link Solanaceae Jongli-tamak & Otto 38 Cissus Vitaceae Haar-jora quadrangularis L.
There are lots of night scented plants such as Oenothera biennis (evening primrose), Nicotiana alata (tobacco plant), Lonicera perclymenum (honeysuckle) and Matthiola bicornis (nightscented stock), to attract the nocturnal insects.
The tobacco plant Nicotiana alata actually folds up its petals during the day and comes to life at night.
Summer progresses with honeysuckles, philadelphus (mock orange), lily-of-the-valley, day lilies, stocks and the evening scent of the lovely white tobacco flower, Nicotiana alata grandiflora.
Flowers which have a perfume at night such as night-scented stock or nicotiana alata are great too, especially if you like to sit out on a summer's evening.
For sheer night-scent, grow Nicotiana alata, 75cm (30in) tall with white or greenish-yellow flowers.
A FEW pots of night-scented Nicotiana alata, the flowering tobacco plant, are a must-have for the summer garden.
In the foreground: Nicotiana alata 'Domino Mix' (white and pink).
Must-have value for money plants are lilies, dahlias and gladioli, which are all bulbs and easy to grow, plus asters, calendulas, salpiglossis, sweet peas, sunflowers, larkspur and scented tobacco plants like Nicotiana alata which can be raised from seed.