Niccolo Paganini

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Italian violinist and composer of music for the violin (1782-1840)


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I drew from my memory and experiences but made it my own," Lehan-Siegel says, "including commissioning a score from Angela that incorporated music by the Andre Musette Orchestra, the Jive Masters and Nicolo Paganini.
In December 2001, she became the first jazz musician and the first African-American to perform on the famous Guarneri violin-nicknamed "The Cannon" -- which belonged to the great Nicolo Paganini.
At the end of the eighteenth century, there is an abrupt discontinuity: the cosmic edifice is abandoned, and a divinity of a kind begins to attach itself to the idea of the individual artistic genius--a Nicolo Paganini, a Richard Wagner.
Tchaikovsky, Nicolo Paganini, Jean Sibelius, Giuseppe Verdi and others.