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Italian pope from 1447 to 1455 who founded the Vatican library (1397-1455)

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The next two chapters discuss Manetti's De pompis, a celebratory tract on the reconsecration of Florence cathedral as Santa Maria del Fiore (25 March 1436), and his Life of Nicholas V.
In the biography of Nicholas V, in turn, Manetti's epideictic style is predictably orotund, but his enthusiasm gradually shines through the monumental fabric as he describes the pope's translations and building commissions.
The meat of the book lies in close examination of Odo's manuscripts, those he made for himself and those he corrected -- it is here revealed -- for incorporation in the library of Nicholas V, the first founder of the Vatican Library.
This was specially important in manuscripts, such as the deluxe two-volume Ovid, that were destined for the papal library -- though undeclared, collation of different witnes ses demonstrably played a larger part in the constitution of texts for Nicholas V than in manuscripts for Odo's own use.