Nicolas Poussin

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French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)


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He toured Italy with his father and lived in Rome for a while, where he became familiar with the work of famed French landscapists Claude Lorraine and Nicholas Poussin.
It is known as the Shepherd's Memorial, and shows (in reverse) a relief based on a painting by the French artist, Nicholas Poussin.
Many art lovers will naturally turn to the works of Nicholas Poussin in Gallery 7.
It was built in 1778 and depicts a mirror image of the masterpiece Et in Arcadia Ego, painted by Nicholas Poussin in 1642.
L: Perseus and Andromeda by Frederic Leighton; M: Christ Discovered in the Temple by Simone Martini; N: Landscaping with the Ashes of Phocion by Nicholas Poussin.