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of or relating to the ancient city of Nicaea in Asia Minor


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This confession of faith that we make in the Nicene Creed crosses theological and cultural divides.
Accordingly, many elements of "Augustinianism" were actually Manichaean teachings reconstituted by the new frame of Nicene orthodoxy (415).
She uses the Nicene Creed to remind readers that Christianity, first and foremost, concerned itself with a created world in which God was vitally interested.
With the rise of Nicene Christianity, an orthodoxy he attributes to Constantinian convenience, Meyers sees a corruption of the early church that continues through today, particularly in the compromises on nonviolence, inclusiveness, and bold witness against the idolatry and injustice of the Empire.
This too is Geza Vermes's story: how the historical Jesus, a charismatic Jew from Nazareth, was disfigured into the Nicene God of imperial Christendom.
These were followed by the church leaders grouped according to whether they preceded, were contemporary with, or followed the Council of Nicene.
It uses the classical Christian doctrines of the Nicene Creed to guide students on the faith, and provides an ecumenical work identifying major personalities and history in classical Christian thinking.
10) was a solid second to Nicene Creed at Chepstow last time out and can go close again in the two-miler under useful 3lb claimer Mark Quinlan.
20) The Latin of the Nicene Creed says, "passus et sepultus est.
These include Jews' and heretics' "literary luxury" as opposed to pro-Nicene simplicity; their barrenness vis-a-vis pro-Nicene fruitfulness; and finally Jewish and heretical faithlessness in opposition to the Nicene faith that Ambrose constructs as the mark of true Christianity.
The Porcelana product line was acquired by Ultimark Products last April from Nicene Brands.
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Rain-softened ground proved the undoing of Nicene Creed (3.
Under a point separated the trio in the betting and they stalked each other from the off, partially ignoring the pacemaker Nicene Creed, employed by trainer Philip Hobbs for Menorah.
He ran on well to finish third to the very useful Nicene Creed and will know more about what is required of him this time.