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The government reported cooperating with two foreign governments involving Nicaraguan nationals, but did not report the results of this cooperation.
Outside the country, however, it's a different story, as a group of US lawmakers let it be known by introducing legislation in 2016 that called on the US to oppose non-humanitarian loans to Nicaragua unless the Nicaraguan government took "effective steps to hold free, fair, and transparent elections, and for other purposes." The Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act (NICA), as the bill was known, quickly cleared the US House of Representatives (NotiCen, Oct.
According to Nicaraguan law enforcement authorities, this two-year pattern has been due to a shift in Nicaraguan counternarcotics strategy away from seizing drugs to disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking cells.
Nicaraguan: Costa Rica s acting Foreign Minister Carlos Roverssi told La Nacion that government officials "are preparing a formal protest" against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega s government for violating an ICJ ruling that banned the two countries from entering the area.
According to the Nicaraguan Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers (Andiva) the most preferred cars are economical utility vehicles.
TROUBLED WATERS: Stand-off began after Nicaraguans crossed San Juan river
The officer acknowledged that there were certain exceptions to freedom and that, for example, it was necessary for him to detain and investigate any Venezuelan or Nicaraguan that he spotted, regardless of whether they presented valid travel documents.
Nicaraguans appear to have established a relatively strong sense of personal security in the years since he left office: the majority (60%) mention feeling safe walking alone at night, and 51% say they have confidence in their local police.
Respondents saying housing was a main problem in the country numbered 4 percent; Nicaraguans worried about medical care were counted at 2 percent, and curiously only 1 percent of survey participants said they were worried about drug trafficking.
San Juan del Sur since has transformed itself into the country's tourism and investment hotspot, a bustling mix of surfers, backpackers, students and wealthy Nicaraguans, mixed in with foreign retirees, as well as real-estate speculators and investors who have not only bought all of the land around the bay but also south and north of the area.
Through service-learning work and other course-based activities (i.e., seminars on health, political economy, community development, Nicaraguan history, American foreign policy and Spanish language), US students come into direct contact with Nicaraguans who are experiencing significant poverty and who maintain diverse and competing ideologies, values, beliefs and traditions.
The law permits only vaguely defined "therapeutic abortions." But the idea of a 9-year-old giving birth shocked many Nicaraguans. "I have never seen this country debating in the way it did," said Dr.
In the mid-1980s, looking over the numbers on toilet paper, they discovered Nicaraguans were using too damned much.
A 1972 earthquake that leveled Managua and killed 10,000; the brutal kleptocracy of Anastasio Somoza; the Sandinista Revolution; the Contra War; tsunamis and hurricanes--all these Nicaraguans have already endured.