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of or relating to the ancient city of Nicaea in Asia Minor


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The main point on the agenda of the Council, apart from Horos' adoptionist heresy, was the discussion of the Nicaean concluding decree: (9) The Council of Frankfurt opposed the sacramental charge of the icons which is still found today in Orthodox cults where images are thought to mediate the presence of God.
2) sonship by emanation (the Son is related to the Father by being emanated from him)--this kind of sonship appears, for example, in Philo and in the Nicaean Creed (the Christian canonical doctrine of homoousia);
The Nicaean and Chalcedonian formulations of doctrine grew out of centuries of struggling to refine and clarify what the Scriptural accounts of Christ were telling us and to reject false or inadequate interpretations.
Of the 250-300 bishops present, only a few opposed the Nicaean Creed as it was formulated.
Regaining authority (378--triumphally recounted, Letter 10), he attended a Nicaean synod at Antioch, visited his dying sister, and off-loaded the unwanted See of Sebaste onto brother Peter.