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(German mythology) a companion or follower of Siegfried

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(German mythology) any of the race of dwarfs who possessed a treasure hoard that was stolen by Siegfried

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Wotan, the god of laws, had stolen the hoard to pay the giants who built his fortress, Valhalla, and the Nibelungs want it back.
Telepool also picked up "The Charlemagne Code," Munich-based Dreamtool Entertainment's $7 million TV movie about an archeologist on a perilous quest to find the legendary Nibelung treasure.
These events were soon elaborated into a tale of Nibelung warriors betrayed by their Hunnish hosts at the behest of a vengeful queen.
Fuseli's early drawings; his demanding aesthetics; his Puckish whimsicality; his fascination with the Nibelung legend; and his brilliant work for the London theatrical and salon worlds are thoughtfully treated by art-historians Bernhard von Waldkirch, Christian Klemm, Christoph Becker, and Franziska Lentzsch.
which translates as 'The Nibelung army will obey you once again/You will be lord of the ring'.
So Wagnerian was it that one critic referred to the work as a "New England Nibelung Triology.
Plus d'un siecle apres qu'elle fut compose par Wagner, la tetralogie de L'Anneau du Nibelung est revu par la Compagnie d'opera canadienne, qui adapte Die Walkure (2004) et Siegfried (2005) pour un public canadien contemporain en se servant de << representations >> religieuses plus denses, plus avancees, en termes d'architecture, de costumes et de scenographie, qu'auraient pu realiser des concepteurs en Allemagne au XIXe siecle ou au Canada au debut du XXe.
What type of creature was a Nibelung, as portrayed in Wagner's operatic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen?
Weaving together excerpts from all four Ring of the Nibelung operas, Maazel created a symphonic "Ring Without Words.
Barrett might more appropriately have cited the moment in Wagner's operatic cycle Ring of the Nibelung when Wotan, king of the gods, commands to some unruly deities, "Nichts durch Gewalt" ("[resolve] nothing through force").
cleaning the venetian blinds, defrosting the freezer, translating The Ring of the Nibelung into Black English, gluing a model aircraft carrier together for my little son.
His most famous work to date is Kitchen, a prodigious work of invention that brings together contemporary Russians and heroes of the German Nibelung myth and begs comparisons to Tony Kushner's Angels in America, not by style or themes, but by scope and ambition.
His portrait of the Nibelung dwarf, Mime, in his epic, Der Ring des Nibelungen, for example, is an attempt to depict Jews as abhorrent, hateful, repulsive creatures.
During the summer of 1848, Wagner's cloudy rhetoric reached mystic heights with the writing of The Wibelungs, a determined but confusing attempt to organize and clarify his reading and thinking on the Rhenish myths of Siegfried and the Nibelung hoard .
We are otherwise stuck with the confabulations of K-Mart samurai like Tom Clancy, Nibelung trolls like Elliott Abrams and the counterintelligent agencies.