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(German mythology) a companion or follower of Siegfried

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(German mythology) any of the race of dwarfs who possessed a treasure hoard that was stolen by Siegfried

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The world of Apocalypse Nerd is dark but there is also humor, most of which comes from Bagge's art--his characters look like cartoon doodles, making the mayhem, bloodshed and double-digit body count seem like an episode of the Flintstones, or the Bugs Bunny Ring of the Nibelung episode.
These events were soon elaborated into a tale of Nibelung warriors betrayed by their Hunnish hosts at the behest of a vengeful queen.
which translates as 'The Nibelung army will obey you once again/You will be lord of the ring'.
What type of creature was a Nibelung, as portrayed in Wagner's operatic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen?
Weaving together excerpts from all four Ring of the Nibelung operas, Maazel created a symphonic "Ring Without Words.
Barrett might more appropriately have cited the moment in Wagner's operatic cycle Ring of the Nibelung when Wotan, king of the gods, commands to some unruly deities, "Nichts durch Gewalt" ("[resolve] nothing through force").
His portrait of the Nibelung dwarf, Mime, in his epic, Der Ring des Nibelungen, for example, is an attempt to depict Jews as abhorrent, hateful, repulsive creatures.
construction of the new building for the innovation and incubator on the site of the former nibelung barracks.
The programme begins in the morning with a public viewing for children at 11:00 o'clock showing Ring of the Nibelung in a 90-minute film version.
Not for nothing, they said, did Powell refer to authorities who wrote in dead languages and believed forgotten myths; not for nothing did he choose, when invited onto BBC radio's "Desert Island Discs," only episodes from the Ring of the Nibelung of Richard Wagner.
Richard Wagner's literary journey to the Ring: an inquiry into The Nibelung myth as sketch for a drama and related matters.
a six-minute version of Wagner's 14-hour "The Ring of the Nibelung.
Also feeding into the Lord Of The Rings was the German Nibelungenlied, written by an anonymous poet around 1200, that would also be the inspiration for Wagner's The Ring Of The Nibelung.