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cast iron consisting of graphite in a matrix of austenite

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T[[degrees]C] E [MPa] v[-] [[sigma].sup.0.2 true] [MPa] 20 80,000 0.33 211 150 77,300 0.33 201 250 72,500 0.33 90 350 65,000 0.33 25 430 60,000 0.33 20 T[[degrees]C] [UTS.sup.true] [MPa] 20 228 150 209 250 130 350 60 430 46 [C] 2019 Politecnico di Torino TABLE 3 Thermo-physical properties of the alfin Ni-resist cast iron.
Armco Alloy NP622, which uses a cost-effective combination of chromium, silicon, columbium, and titanium instead of nickel to achieve high temperature characteristics comparable to Ni-Resist, has been difficult to cast with conventional gravity-poured processes due to the tenacious oxide it produces.
The casting facility pours iron and aluminum, as well as some exotic metals, such as Ni-Resist and high silicon molybdenum.
Controlled expansion, cast aluminum pistons made by Izumi have a cast-in steel strut, with a Ni-Resist iron insert for the top ring featured only on turbo-charged engines.
Attached to the fracture-split connecting rods are new symmetrical combustion bowl pistons with Ni-Resist ring inserts.
The top two are chrome plated and the compression ring rides in a Ni-resist insert.
Pistons are cast aluminum in the turbo version and have a Ni-Resist iron insert for the top ring, which is keystone shaped for both engine version.
The major growth is expected in applications in irrigation and mud pumps and in replacement of gray iron and conversion of copper alloyed applications to ductile Ni-Resist.
Among these are the heavy-duty engine block, Ni-resist inserts on the pistons and premium valve, seat and guide materials in the custom-engineered cylinder head.
Maximum Recommended Temperatures for Metals Used In Exhaust Manifolds Material Maximum Temperature Gray Iron 1000F (540C) Compacted Graphite Iron 1200F (650C) Ferritic Ductile Iron 1400F (760C) High Si-Mo Ductile Iron 160F (870C) Ni-Resist Ductile Iron 1700F (925C) Ferritic Stainless Steel 1750F (955C) Austenitic Stainless Steel 1925F (1050C)
Casting Data: gray, ductile and high-chrome iron; ductile Ni-resist; Ni-resist, Ni-hard; and carbon, low-alloy and stainless steel in runs from 1-1000 and in weights of ounces to 10,000 lb.
Ductile Ni-Resist and high-silicon ductile iron are also being specified for turbocharger housings and exhaust manifolds.