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Synonyms for Newfoundland

a breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat

an island in the north Atlantic

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Vernon Broomfield, an Inuit from Makkovik, Nfld., was the second runner to cross the finish line in the 10K race.
We have lost men from Burgeo, Nfld., Raymore, Sask., Comox, B.C., and Wingham, Ont.
Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneur of the Year is Beothuk Outback Adventures (Fred Thorne) of Buchans, Nfld.
Tickers featured: NFLD. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
Pardeep B., Delta, B.C.; Dalton C., Burns Lake, B.C.; Jake C., Calgary, Alta.; Sachelle J., Winnipeg, Man.; Lily L., Toronto, Ont.; Kelsie L., Upper Cove, Nfld.; Angela N., Grayson, Sask.; Joan S., Nepean, Ont.; Kevin S., Brampton, Ont.; Anjoa T., Toronto, Ont.
Danette Dooley is a writer who lives in Mount Pearl, Nfld.
John's, Nfld., Chris Griffiths has aggressively pursued his entrepreneurial ambitions.
John's, Nfld. The truism that television is radio with pictures is rooted in the technology.
His family in Corner Brook, Nfld., was notified and arrangements were made to fly them to Germany.
Aboriginal women from across Canada gathered in Corner Brook, Nfld. from June 20 to 22 to talk about the issues affecting them and to try to come up with a plan to ensure those issues are addressed.
John's, Nfld.: Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland.
JOHN'S, NFLD. - When low transverse incisions for cesarean sections need to be converted to a T incision, outcomes are no worse for the mother or the neonate, compared with when a classical vertical incision is performed straight away.
College Chemistry Canada Corner Brook, Nfld.
John's, Nfld., I resolved on a Sunday to attend Rev.